1977 AI Final

Being shown on TG4 now

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Thanks for the heads-up.
The early Dubs goals and the great Ard Mhacha support aside Bobby Doyles hotpants have been the main highlight.

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Jimmy Keavney’s Banana shot was a thing to behold

So was my reception from the Ma, when I got home the evening … 1st time she’d seen her teenage son pissed🤮

Grounded for a week, but didn’t give a shite, all I wanted to know was “Were hangovers always this bad” :nauseated_face:


Some of the hits were filthy - both sides. But fellas just screwed their leg back on and got on!with it. Seemed to be real warmth between the players after and it was lovely to hear Hanahoe acknowledge Armagh’s achievement in reaching the final given what was going on up North.

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The Armagh colour, more flags than a Tibetan monastery

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I wasn’t even born! Only saying it cause there is not much left on here that I can say that about

Bad part of that day for me was seeing some idiots in Dublin colours carrying out unprovoked attacks on Armagh fans AFTER the game.