2018 All Ireland SFC Final; Dublin v Tyrone, Sunday 2nd September, Croke Park, 3:30pm


If they play the way they did in the Semi Final and leave that Ref at home Dublin will destroy Tyrone.

Thoughts folks?

All Ireland SFC Final - Dublin v. Tyrone 2 Sept 2018
2018 All Ireland SFC Final, Dublin v Tyrone, Sunday 2nd September, Croke Park, 3:30pm

You were quick getting the thread started!


Hope we beat these fuckers out the gate. About time we win a final comprehensively


Lots of these threads going round. Is this the official one​:wink::wink:


Three Final threads now …


My first time creating a thread, start your engines ladies and gents!


A final without Mayo…I miss them already.
In fair, they are much better than Galway.


And you had to make a bollox of it


Any word on whether Sky will be reducing the Croke Park pitch width for their equipment?


Lads just keep the one thread for the final please.


Can we give Daller his own so we don’t have to put up with his crap for the next three weeks?


Can we not have a “Fringe” thread? I know Aido won’t be playing, but still…


He can have his own thread when Antrim qualify for a final.


Bored with the Tyrone circus so started this… :grinning:


A very unlikeable Tyrone team. Every free in the scoring zone one of the Tyrone players would run past (usually McManus) and give him a load of verbals.

Then we have the pious Mickey Harte who when found out telling lies about the Omagh pitch reduction refused to answer any questions.

I hope we smash them . . . and we should !!!

Best Team Ever.


No…Provisional :rofl:


Do any of you know the official breakdown of the ticket distribution for the Final?


For a while we had some continuity too​:wink::wink:


Be interesting to see who the ref will be. Coldrick will be in the running I’d imagine.


For the final RTE/the Dublin groundsmen will lengthen and widen the pitch to the first 3 seats of Hogan/Cusack; Cluxton will be taking kickouts from the hill…