2018 Leinster SFC Final , Dublin v Laois - Croke Park , Sun June 24th 4pm


So @eitoof tells us Quigley is out for this for Laois
Possibly Stephen for us .


Isn’t their captain out too? Dublin by 15+


Attride will be a big loss for them. Decent footballer.


Dubs 1-20 Laois 1-10 or something like that.


Dublin by 20 pts


Quigley’s been out all year. Hip problem. Attride is a big loss for us. We don’t have a natural replacement.


So Dublin are going for some history next week. Looking to become only the 3rd team ever to win 8 straight provincial titles. Kerry 1958-1965 and 1975-1982 are the only other ones.


If anyone would’ve said when we won Leinster last year that we would be back in 12 months looking for number 8 you would have said ‘yes, definitely.’


I wonder will the full back line change in regard to our rookie keeper under a high ball? You imagine Laois will target this early on.


We could give Laois a 5 goal start and it wouldn’t make any difference …


Maybe, but I doubt that level of indifference would endure against a better team in the next round should Clucko not make it.


Donegal almost certainly next up. Big step up.


Or Fermanagh. If they did a job on Monaghan, they can certainly do a job on Donegal.

Would love to get revenge on pizza boy for his infamous goalmouth shove on Cluxton.


Personally I would give Fermanagh next to no chance.


That’s me told then so. :zipper_mouth_face:


No you could well be right … I just don’t rate them at all and think Donegal will bate them out the gate.


Well they must have something going for them to be able to bate both Monaghan & Armagh.


Monaghan maybe … but Armagh??? :smirk:


Rufus is lurking. I was being polite. :wink:


Think it will be worse than Us and Donegal in 11. Gallagher would love to out McGuiness Donegal.