2018 Leinster SFC Final , Dublin v Laois - Croke Park , Sun June 24th 4pm


Because we’re not Kerry. It’s in their DNA, in case you weren’t listening. We only have crimbo decorations, not all Ireland day decorations that are annually dusted down. And we don’t have pundits in every orifice known to man.


DVery poor first half, think we had nine wides and at least 4 goal scoring chances excluding the brutal attempt by Mannion who so far this year has been poor. We upped tempo and played far better in second half only one wide I think and scored some lovly points but again had several goal scoring opportunities but failed to take them. Howard had a very good game as had Kilkenny who is scoring for fun and great to see . Scully had a better game and scored a lovly point and he should back himself more often and take his chances instead of recycling all the time. Comerford was very assured and was quick with his restarts will do him a world of good. Overall we did what we had to do but we will need to be far more tuned in against Donegal who I think are a very good team and will cause of a bit of bother. The Donegal game is a must win for me as it eases the pressure in the next two. And if the draw is not too kind we could have Mayo in our group which would make it the group of death.


Mayo are dangerous enough when the pressure isn’t at it’s most high . There will be a peculiar feel to these Super 8 games I reckon.


let then build Kerry up. Wouldn’t not be surprised if mayo beat them.


He has been in flying form for club recently, not looking to open the club v county debate again but he came on today looked fresh, fit and sharp, took some great scores, playing for his club in the last couple of weeks has obviously benefitted him, it certainly hasn’t hindered his performance anyway. If on the pitch he should probably take any penalties.


Getting a sense of the media jumping off the mayo ship and storing their eggs in the Kerry basket as the new great hope to dethrone the nasty Dubs.


I’m not so sure. He lacks nothing ability wise. But he gets involved in too much niggly stuff - that’s part of his game so I have no complaints there. However I don’t think that is necessarily what you want coming from your captain.

Having said all of that, the culchies would hate us even more if JC was the one lifting Sam rather than mild mannered Cluxton. So that would be a positive!


If Stephen had played out the field you could be sure he’d get into a few altercations himself :wink:.
Cooper is a leader though , carries himself well in that regards . You can see he earns the respect of the other players because he puts his body on the line so much .


You would assume he mustn’t be doing something Gavin requires as he has the talent, perhaps it’s work rate or whatever. He certainly worked today and was lethal too.


I see Stephen with an ear piece during the game .
Wonder will this be a role for him down the line , he must have been advising , Jim , etc.


Yeah, thought that was interesting. He wasn’t merely positioned on the subs bench.


Very impressed when he came on, 4 points from 5 shots. He is very talented and he would be in my first 15. Certainly did himself a few favours today, natuaral talent you can’t beat it.


Here’s the final score tally

Dublin 1-25 Laois 0-10

Dublin - Dean Rock 0-8 (0-5f, 1 '45), Ciaran Kilkenny 1-4, Cormac Costello 0-4, Brian Fenton, Con O’Callaghan, Paddy Andrews 0-2 each, Brian Howard, Niall Scully, Paul Mannion 0-1 each

Laois - Donie Kingston 0-4 (0-3f), Alan Farrell and Gary Walsh 0-2 each, Kieran Lillis and Evan O’Carroll 0-1 each


Ladbrokes paid me out on James Mc getting a point

I was sure he didn’t score but sure I won’t complain :heart_eyes:


I guess they thought James McCarthy was Brian Howard at the end of the game.


Both jacks goals attempts right at the keeper .
Pick a spot lad.


His first run got the whole stadium buzzing and was arguably the catalyst for us waking up.


Johnny Cooper was also in the stats box with ear piece during a league match earlier in the year.


Two of Costello’s points today were nearly carbon copies of his against Mayo two years ago.
Simply excellent when he came on. It will give jim something to think about in 3 weeks time .
He may have to rotate players if we are playing constantly over a 3 or 4 week period .


Pick the black spot like KevMc and Con.