2018 Leinster SFC Final , Dublin v Laois - Croke Park , Sun June 24th 4pm


Looking back Lowndes should of stayed on at half time. They could of moved him to half-forward with McCaffrey replacing Scully.


He did more in 15 mins today than Andrews has in the last 3 games.


Well Andrews has scored 6 pts in 3 games but Costello gave them a different look.


Great banter between Brolly , O’Rourke & Spillane at the end .Spillane taking extreme umbrage to the greatest team line. His Kerry teams greatness seems to increase year on year while our current team could only imagine to been that good . The 4 in a row will be a bonus , but equally seeing his puss in early September will be the icing on the cake .
Time is ticking Pat , the pain will be over soon .


Maybe the forwards coach doesn’t rate him


Maybe, or maybe something else. Who knows. What is certain is that he came on and kicked some lovely scores and worked his socks off.

O’Gara is the odd man out by the looks of it.


Sounds like we’ll be appealing this.


There is no odd man out, I have said it before, Gavin just seems to play whoever he feels like at any given time, most managers kind of gradually introduce a player, but with Gavin it is all different, I would imagine the Laois management would have thought about the threat of Kev Mc coming in and running at them or O Gara coming on and few balls being bombed in, but I doubt they gave Costello much thought, you get lads like Darren Daly coming on for a game or two and then disappears only to suddenly appear in an All Ireland final, all part of the process, outside of the camp nobody has a clue what the pecking order is,


Not sure P, I think that red card in Salthill might prove costly to crazy horse. I don’t think he’s played since.


I’d imagine ogara will game time in the super 8’s


He’ll probably start the AI final if we get there …


Maybe so, but my point is an opposing manager has little or no idea of what players might come on, there is nearly always a surprise package. Costello coming on in the All Ireland final was something nobody saw for example.


Rochey did. Or his mate did.


It wasn’t though. It probably wasn’t what he was intending, but he wanted to leave something on the Laois guy. You do the crime, you do the time, even if it’s unfortunate.


But but but :joy: the oracle Rochey knew so it must have been true .


Strange there is little reaction to Brolly saying that Andrews wouldn’t make the Kerry forwards.

He might not, but that would be their fault. The only Kerry forward I would pick would be O Sè (who looks really good) and Geaney.

Dublin forwards are picked to do fulfil a role, not always traditional stuff. They wouldn’t pick Scully either probably, but he has a senior and an u21 AI, unlike most of their guys…


Awful peno.


I saw the replay a few times and I reckon it was borderline, as somebody posted earlier he forced the ref to make a decision, would have to see it again, but I don’t think he will get off on an appeal, It was a thing of nothing but it looked intentional, just stuck his hand in where he should not have, if the ref did nothing and the game continued there would probably have been nothing said, but that is the way it goes.


Red me bollocks.

Or maybe yes.


Found that odd too . Scully has a set role , He’s not there for scores . Paddy Andrews is hugely underated , the likes of Mayo or Kerry would be grateful to have him.