2018 Leinster SFC Final , Dublin v Laois - Croke Park , Sun June 24th 4pm


It’s red, end of, move on


Nobody talks about Andrews, Andrews rarely talks, but he has let his football do the talking over the years, he always chips in with a few scores and more often than not it is when they are really needed. he would walk onto the Kerry team, Mayo would have a few celtic crosses if they had him, a class act, And given how hard he has worked to get where he is, a true example to younger lads, he was the top star at underage, he went on to get dropped off the senior panel, to be played in any position but his own, but he kept at it.


Just Brolly been a bollocks. Is Brolly trying to say that Andrews wouldn’t offer more than donkey boy?


Having Jack back can’t be understated. Adds a dimension no other player can offer. Poor first half from the forwards when though i think a swirling breeze was a factor. Kilkenny is a different player this year. Him and Fenton have been superb. Well done to Evan with an assured performance.


Second that, he was outstanding with the kick outs, Solid under the highball, didn’t have to really stop a shot, but that is not his fault, just looked like a younger version of Cluxton, we might be used to winning Leinsters, but for him it was his first and a massive occasion, looked like an old head on young shoulders


Having seen the red I don’t think it was a deliberate strike but it was stupid and dangerous. Depends what the ref sent him off for if he can appeal it. Not good for him if he gets the suspension as there is a lot of competition for the half back line and he could easily fall down the pecking order.


It wasn’t deliberate, he was very unfortunate. But it is still probably a red. It’s not bad practice to always leave a hit on the guy. But he didn’t mean it to be in the face, but it was.


Can’t believe they didn’t show either of Jack’s goal chances - especially the first. Highlights me bollix!


But the whistle was already blown!!! No need to go in at all.


Pity ‘Rene Higuita’ didn’t get caught out for Laois before he went off. Was ripping the piss at times.


I wonder how many possessions the Laois keeper had?


On TV they kind of said it was a waste of time and energy as all he was doing was going across the pitch, looks good but it is an accident waiting to happen IMO


Nearly sure the whistle went for a Mark in which case you can’t tackle the player for next 4 steps if he were to play on There was a perfect example by Cooper during the game about what to do when opponent gets a Mark, he immediately back pedaled into position without trying to tackle man or ball


He hit a lovely shoulder as well which stopped a Laois score, but I’ve long since given up hope of them showing good defensive play in the highlights package.

Didn’t show any of Costello’s points in the highlights either and he hit some really nice ones.


Mannion is brilliant, but technically incredibly flawed. If he could sort out his soloing and hand passing he would be the best in the country. There is no use him practicing more, because his technique is wrong. But if he could get his body form corrected, and then practice it, he could be unbelievable. You can’t really mis-solo one time out of three at this level. It is a testament to how good he is at other stuff that he is still effective.


Jaysus let it go @wifi - he’s doing alright for a bloke with no basic skills.


Yeah, you are right. But…


If we are really looking at technically flawed players then Ciaran K is right up there and he’s doing ok …


Whose to blame for that , his coaches ?


Technique is only wrong when it doesn’t work, Kilkenny’s works…