2018 Leinster SFC Final , Dublin v Laois - Croke Park , Sun June 24th 4pm


Let go them straws man …


No one is to blame really, and Mannion is one of the best in the country. But he drops about one solo in five and it is fixable. He just needs to adjust slightly how he does it. It’s too much off his laces and his leg is too stiff.


Its very noticeable tbh . I’m always wary about him when he gets the ball whether he’ll drop it or turn it over .


If we win the next two we’ll have won every Leinster in this decade, starting as it did in 2011.


Oh ohhh


Decade starts from 2010-2019 though.




Must be a slow night …


Here we go…:grinning:

But actually I think that’s correct


My advise is just smile and nod.

Every so often someone here brings up this debate about when decades start and end (usually during the winter when nothing is happening). Technically this decade started in 2011 and will end in 2020 (because the Gregorian calendar started with 1 AD), but nobody really goes by those dates in reality.


In 2010 louth v Meath Leinster final just under 49,000 attended, 2017 Dublin v Kildare just under 67,000 and 1961 Dublin v Offaly 27,000 . Saturday nights heavily promoted Munster final had an attendance of 27,700 . Considering Dublins dominance in Leinster winning 13 out of the last 14, you could argue attendance figures are respectible.


Its interesting that the some people who don’t bother going to these games are the same people crying about not been able to get AI finals tickets .


There were signs in the last while that he’d come in and play like that…

On the subject of penalties I’d give it to Con. Or even Fento.

As for decades, is this now offishully The Decade of the Dubs? :wink:


I hope we keep winning it, the way things are going with championship changes, we might be the last ever Leinster champions as well :sunglasses: Anyway we need to win next year to beat the record of the Greatest Team of All Time who have such a competitive rivalry with Cork they only managed the mere 8-in-a-row in the 70s/80s run.


In fairness the game clashed with Dean Friedman’s gig at 4pm yesterday in Arthur’s Pub in Thomas St.


Yeah but they’re on 6 now and judging by Saturday will get to at least 8


Sure our best from the last 8 years wouldn’t lace the boots of the new Kerry Conquistadors, the attacking Dream Team, who are so purely talented, and completely unmanufactured, they literally flow around the field and in the air like quicksilver on ice. You can barely see them at all as they are of the earth and the field, the air and the mountains and the ocean, the rain and the storms. They are the reincarnation of Fionn MacCumhaill agus Na Fianna (just as well that dreadful scut Jonny Cooper has an inside track/line portal yoke there or we’d be doomed before we even play them. It could be that the new Metro tunnelling is the portal to the new Kerry dimension, I don’t know, somebody should ask Martin Carney or Daithi O’Shea).


Yeh but they’ll always be two behind us. Imagine the pressure when we lose one and they have to win another two just to get equal. :scream:


All things considered you can thank your lucky stars that it did.

And now for a story:
Dean Friedman and Half Man Half Biscuit
The British band Half Man Half Biscuit recorded (in 1987, on the album Back Again in the DHSS) a song entitled “The ■■■■■■■ Son of Dean Friedman”, a claim Friedman considered improbable, as he was only seven years old when lyricist Nigel Blackwell was conceived. At the Edinburgh Festival in 2003, The Scotsman newspaper arranged a get together between Friedman and the band, in which he acknowledged that Blackwell had at least surmised right the underlying story in the song “Lucky Stars”: “That guy Nigel was hip to the fact [song character] Lisa and I didn’t just do lunch. You can’t interpret a song that way unless you understand what it’s about.” It also transpired that Blackwell had a copy of a rare vinyl version of Well Well Said the Rocking Chair.

In 2009, Friedman wrote a ‘reply’ called “A Baker’s Tale”, in which he firmly placed Blackwell’s parentage as being that of the local baker, posting it on Half Man Half Biscuit’s MySpace site. The band mentioned it on their own website as “Dean Friedman’s Revenge/Dean Friedman strikes back”. On September 15, 2010, Dean Friedman appeared at a Half Man Half Biscuit gig at the Robin 2 venue in Bilston, West Midlands (UK) and performed “Tale of a Baker’s Son”. Half Man Half Biscuit’s riposte was “The ■■■■■■■ Son of Dean Friedman”.Friedman’s song is included on his 2010 album Submarine Races


Well that’s Rock, Andrews, Cluxton and Mannion who have all missed now. I don’t like giving them to young lads because if they miss it could affect their performance. The best peno takers are the ones who don’t care if they miss, so they’ve no negative thoughts as they step up. That’s one of the reasons Diarmo is so good at them, a miss wouldnt affect him, so he’s less likely to miss. Plus he’s just brilliant anyway!

I’d be almost tempted to let Philly or Jonny give it a whack. Fento maybe not a bad call. Or see if Michael Darragh can dive through the air and punch it in!