2018 Leinster SFC Final , Dublin v Laois - Croke Park , Sun June 24th 4pm


Ha! Mick would try to punch it in from the penalty, keeper would save it, then Mick would then brilliantly intercept the kickout after and burst past the keeper before ballooning it over the bar. Result!


Howard is your man for the penos!!!


For the weekend that was in it, I thought I’d put these two things up, I’ll call it The Glorification of Mediocrity during the era of the personality:


Good band, the Trumpton Riots was a great song…


On the TV, Dessie Dolan (who is usually good I think) said Laois should have had a free in because a forward was shouldered (by Jack I think) before he had full control of the ball.
There is no such rule is there?

He also correctly said a free was given to Dublin because of an obvious trip, but never followed it up with debate on if it should have been a black card or not. One should automatically follow the other.

At least 3 times Canning misidentified Dublin players. He just lets it go too when the camera zooms in and it becomes more obvious it isn’t who he thought it was.


Marty started by trying to say the shoulder was into the laois players back, which was clearly not the case. Dessie kept saying that Cooper has got too aggressive in the tackle. The two of them were all over the shop yesterday.


The radio was even worse. The 2 plebs on it started having a right oul laugh slagging the Dubs. “The super 8’s will be delayed as the Dubs never arrive on time” “They’ll have to get their GPS to find the country grounds” and my favorite “they’ll find there is Gaelic football outside Croke Park”…

Unchallenged and I know it’s meant to poke fun, but it irked me a bit!


Yes lads because we’ve never ever played outside of Dublin and brought fans with us ha ha ha hilarious …:roll_eyes:


They are a funny bunch them RTE chaps. But then again they employ nice country lads with the token dub and a collection of Nordies. Brilliant organisation altogether.


Stuck the headphones on leaving the ground yesterday to hear what they had to say about it.
Jacqui Hurley was the presenter and they were talking about the red card, I couldn’t see if it was a red card from my seat so was interested to see what it was actually for but she said it was for a punch thrown and was a clear red card so took her on her word until I saw the Sunday Game


Cutting edge humour, like modern day Richard Pryor. Makes beating them all the sweeter.


A guy beside us on the Hill was listening to it live on the radio and apparently they called it as a punch straight away.


I could understand how you would call it a punch if you just saw it in real time. It was only in slow motion that you can clearly see the hit on the ball.


True, it took a couple of viewings on TSG to see it might have been accidental.


Serious question: Do people enjoy Leinster games anymore? I get little or no joy in us thumping these teams on a weekly basis. I know this is a great team and they should be cherished etc, but this is a disservice to them and everyone really.


No. Only enjoyment I got from yesterdays match was to see young Comerford do well and to see Cormac Costello is alive and well and can still kick points over the bar. The Provincials are the equivalent off the Walking Dead doing jury duty.


Yea exactly, it’s always a pleasure to watch Dublin play but it’s not exactly edge of the seat stuff. I doubt many neutrals bother.


The provincials are not the problem. The Super 8s will show that. People talking about two tier systems seem to forget that they’re a probably three tiers at least.


How do you figure that the provincials are not a problem? I’m not saying scrap them, just remove them form the summer calendar. I’d would agree that three tiers would be more beneficial and realistic for Div 4 teams.


yeah , was disappointed his kick-outs weren’t put under pressure yesterday