2018 Leinster SFC Final , Dublin v Laois - Croke Park , Sun June 24th 4pm


Just to offer a comforter for you Bosco. I’ve see teams push up on us and he’s been exceptional!


the super 8’s were always going to be Division 1 in the summer, the thing is that the top counties really take the NFL seriously so there is now a gap between division 1 & 2. Cant see a division 2 team making a semi final again.


took me one viewing at the time, the same slow mo Dessie Dolan provably wasn’t watching when he said it was a clear red.


It was interesting on Comerford that he clearly wanted the team to bunch together in the middle (based on his gestures) and then break to the sides. This is when he didn’t get it away quickly.

With Cluxton the plan is less discernible. I am not sure actually there is a plan and it isn’t just down to his skill to hit guys with the ball.

That bunch and break tactic was very evident in the U21 AI final last year where Comerford was outstanding.


Yes I noticed this clear tactic early on and then again late in the game. He clearly signalled it in the 2nd half with hand gestures. I’d say we’ll see this a lot as the season goes on - especially against Kerry to try to stop Jack Barry and the like dragging out of us … or manning-up as it’s called in Kerry.


I’ve got an ever longer delayed ambition to see them live.

Just on the commentary yesterday again, there was also Dessie “Sharp As a Razor” Dolan throwing out the propoganda du l’ete early on, when JC got blown for a foul, he was straight in with “ahhh thaaat maaan Jonnyyy Cooooper agaaain…”


anyone know if Cian o Sullivan was togged out ?

I expected him to be first or second sub


I have no doubt , throw the occasion the big crowd and pressure into the mix and it would have been useful exercise to have under the belt.

You can only beat whats in front of you and same applies to comerford. he didn’t put a foot wrong.


All for show imo. No real benefits for his teammates and I s say they rather he did nt. Getting lucky v Wexford is one thing but against good teams is another.


If they didn’t want to they wouldn’t have given him return passes off the shoulder as he was moving. I would think he was in there because of that ability to be comfortable and offer an extra player out the field to create an overlap from the back


Not only was Costello excellent up front, his work rate was exemplary too. He was back defending, and doing it well, on a few occasions.


someone mentioned that aul bitter is now posting on the GAA board in boards.ie.

Here, in splendid glory, is the quality of the rubbish being talked about Dublin


To add to True Gaels videos yesterday, we have another inside source of the structures in place in Dublin to create players. This time it’s John O’Loughlin, a Laois player who played against Dublin yesterday. He’s a former Games Promotion Officer in Dublin, he made these comments in an article a few months ago:

“It’s a huge resource," said O’Loughlin. "If you went through the figures of what Dublin have had compared to other counties over the last 15 years, I’d say they would tell a story.

“I think people are of that opinion so is it going to be acted upon or not, we have to wait and see.

“If you want to be strategic about it, there are 12 counties (in Leinster), so the 12 counties should get an equal proportion.

“Dublin GAA is a powerhouse - it’s a phenomenon. It’s a professional, near Premier League organisation in an amateur association.

"It’s great to say you’re watching them and they’re a huge team and they’re phenomenal - but I think Dublin GAA have it in a lot of ways that other counties probably don’t have it, so that’s a huge thing.

Every club in Dublin has one, if not two full-time coaches, which is a huge resource to have that other counties don’t have. Financially and logistically, other counties can’t compete, which is an issue."

That’s coming from someone who knows the story on the ground in Dublin. His comments should be taken on board. It’s not anti-Dublin, it’s pointing out the realities and the complete unfairness of the system currently in place. That it’s been like this since 2005 is a total scandal and something the GAA should be ashamed of.



Every club in Dublin does not have two full time coaches! O’Loughlin thinks there are 500 full time coaches in Dublin

Did he get sun stroke running around after Michael Darragh and Fenton?

My club never had a coach, full time or otherwise, and never had a visit from GPO. I did attend seminars organised by GPO, that was the height of it. Local schools had occasional visits.

500 full time coaches, by the way would amount to annual cost of 20 million!

Even if they all had just one full time coach it would be 10 million.

This argument is becoming more ludicrous by the day.

His reply:-


The defence of the doping is getting more ludicrous by the day.

He said this over a month ago. He didn’t say every club had 2 full time coaches.

Obviously the club he worked for; St Bridgets, are set up to a professional level and other Dublin clubs are set up at that level.

Medium to big clubs in Dublin all have access to at least one paid coach.

This is the guy who gets on national media to spout his bitterness, cannot be coherant and cannot contradity himself within an hour of saying something.


Bitter ■■■■ seriously. Why does he never ask questions of his own CB and the money they’ve pissed away over the years


I see his move to these type of boards as an act of desperation. Whats he trying to do galvanise the grassroots in a anti financial doping revolution. ■■■■ him and the ugly horse he rode in on.


Who was sub keeper yesterday?


Scoil Ui Chonaill keeper Andy Bunyan


You can’t take that guy seriously.


It’s nothing more than a risky gimmick. Chance to get his name in lights. It worked once but one day he ll cost his team doing it.


That’s exactly it, and it worked.

I was praying somebody would hit him a shoulder, it will happen one day.


Don’t know if it has been mentioned but at one stage in the second half yesterday (by which time we were fairly comfortably ahead), Comerford ran 30 yards out of goal to issue instructions to a couple of defenders that were left unmarked around the 45 but not actually positioned well for one of them to drop into the sweeper role back in the D. Great to see him being so switched on and having the assertiveness to act on it.