2018 Leinster SFC Final , Dublin v Laois - Croke Park , Sun June 24th 4pm


Yeah It was mentioned on TSG. Great to see and young whipper snapper telling JC to get it together! :grinning: Sterner tests will be ahead but the lad done well.


In all fairness to the Laois Keeper - and they pointed it out on TSG - what he does is vital in creating an overlap to get the ball safely out of their defence.


I see nothing wrong with it… once someone is watching the house. Bit like Clucko in 2011 more like a quarterback at times.


Was thinking the same, i bet the others have a pain in their hoop having to cover back while he goes awol. bit of craic tho, so what harm.


Won t deny the entertainment aspect of it and it’s laois so nothing to lose I suppose but you have to ask why he s instigating it. If cluxton did it I would be losing my rag.


Looked at the game again and I see that when the keeper got involved in play the Laois no 3 was dropping back and could play in goal if the play broke down.Seems sensible ploy to me-such a hot day if the keeper goes outfield another player gets a breather.


Would you be happy to see Mick Fitzsimmoms in the nets if cluxton went on a solo lost the ball and suddenly Andy Moran or geaney are one to one with Mick ! It’s not fly keeper or last man back in a 5 a side.


Seemed an innovate approach and created alot more opportunities for Laois to clear their lines and start attacks with the overlap. Fair play to them for trying something new that didn’t involve a blanket.
They were never exposed on it…or even close to being against Dublin …so likely that it offers even more against most otehr teams who don’t close down as well as Dublin.


I recall the surprise of a a keeper taking frees and 45’s not so long ago! If that works for Laois fair play to them, obviously the minute a turnover happens and goal is a result eh will probably get the hairdryer treatment.


i didn’t go to the game yesterday cos i am firmly in the camp that thinks the provincial championships are detrimental to the game and should be scrapped- a whole other conversation that would merit a few seperate threads so i’ll stick to the game and rte for the minute.

at risk at being monotonous but ger canning is torture to listen to and the only way to watch a game on tv now that is being covered by rte is with radio commentary. ger seems like a decent skin but commentating on gaa games he should not be. the same can be said for most of their commentators- carney is too much of an embarrassment to get into now. radio coverage is not always available in dublin (the only county in ireland for some reason) when even the biggest of games are on. premiership soccer is often covered with back to back games for 90 min each but the county team is lining out in a championship match and often no station is covering it. there’s a reason the rest of the country call us the jackeens!

i use to have a bit of time for dessie but have gone off him now since he joined in with this shit with jonny c, spillane having started it of course. never a chirp out of him about ■■■ or the brother eventhough a game hardly passes that one or both dont plant the elbow into someone’s face. not a gig out of him after your man did cluxton last week. not a word about rules and bans when andy deliberately runs into the ref. he’s a p**** and i despise him now eventhough i thought he got a lot of things right in the past.

that brings me to john small’s red which even on first look, i suspected was a swipe at the ball eventhough i didn’t realise his hand bounced off the ball until later. never a red, a free-kick and nothing more although some here were calling for a hanging. i’m running out of ones i’ve any time for on rte but tomás needs to be applauded for calling this one out- i’ve always liked him as a player and pundit and i hope he continues to keep it fair. i think ciarán whelan has let his county down and has prioritised his tv career. standing up for your own county seems to be discouraged so that there are no allegations of bias but he should never have let the diarmo thing go with spillane. it was disgraceful!!

regarding the peno, i wouldn’t be at all surprised if brinkmanship had a role to play. deano puts them over the bar against weak opposition, mannion boots it wide against laois and clearly doesnt give a shit but diarmo plants it in the corner when it matters. keeping the others guessing has always been a significant trait in the jim set-up and i wouldn’t be sure we have actually seen our actual penalty taker for the summer. “dublin are crap at penalties, its worth taking a chance on the foul if you have to…”, that kind of thinking.

the lack of a clearly defined tackle continues to be a blight on the game and the frustration among the players was very obvious yesterday, even on the telly. no consistency with the ref making it up as he went along and who could blame him as there is no guidance for either officials or coaches. who’d want to be a ref? you could be forgiven for thinking the suits like the vagueness so that games can be kept tight. the most irritating part is the commentators constantly trying to justify the refs decisions as if there are a clear set of rules with consistent application and interpretation- guff like “the referee clearly got it right”, “yaaahh, there was contact there alright” (contact, ffs), “no malice intended” of course and on and on. it would drive you back to games you dont even want to go to.


can someone fix that, it keeps happening to my posts and i dont know how to fix it:flushed:


He’s using multiple internet personas to try and sell his articles to the print media. This is just our man in Brazil doing some market development.

Why can’t he be honest and post his stuff under his own name and as a journalist instead of this kind of stealth marketing stuff which he is engaging in? Is it because doing so would taint his image as a neutral party and he’d be open to being asked about his own motives in pursuing his line of questioning?

IMO this is 'ol bitter trying to make a buck on the back of the Dubs, how else would a fella based half way across the globe differentiate his scribblings from any of the other so called sports writers out there.


Cluxton was listed in the 1 jersey though so Bunyan must of had a different number. He wasn’t in the 26 that I saw.


He would have taken Cluxtons number. He would have been wearing No 1.


What was the minutes clap for at 48 mins?


At the request of the Stardust victims families apparently. They are seeking to re-launch a campaign for justice and wanted to use yesterday to try promote that.


Fair enough, hadn’t heard anything before so had no idea why I was clapping


was it the families or PPP who seemed everywhere on social media promoting it and then taking the credit for it…


I didn’t read enough in to it to be honest and just saw something on twitter/facebook that the families had requested it to help their cause.

The amount of those clapping campaigns got tedious at one stage but I won’t begrudge a minute to the stardust families if it helps in any way to raise awareness of their plight.


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