2018 Leinster SFC Final , Dublin v Laois - Croke Park , Sun June 24th 4pm


If O’Loughlin has a problem with Dublin funding why did take a job as gpo with a Dublin club. You could argue that he benefited from Dublin funding therefore Laois benefited.


Thanks tayto, they are actually hits on the spacebar on my keyboard. will just hit return a couple of time in future.


Trade in your 1982 PC for a new one lad.


Has any comment been made on the ref going in to talk to Gavin after Con was flattened?


He just bought it. #hipster


that’s what i dont understand, keyboard is only a few months old and pc has just had a complete reinstall and upgrade.


Yeah someone for Laois came on wearing 28 which is a number bigger then the 26 in the program so I didn’t know if Bunyan or Cluxton was wearing 1.


It was changed because of blood - number 13 I think


Thanks for the info but thats Mannion’s number.


Mannion plays for Dublin. We are talking about Laois.


Oh, that was Evan O’Carroll then.


Don’t tell Alan O Connor about the clap for the Stardust victims. Himself and a few more don’t like symbolic acts like that at matches!


What has the Stardust to do with politics? Or are you just shit stirring?

As it happens I suspect that while well intentioned, it will have exactly zero effect.


He was tgged out but took very little part in warm up.


Was Kevin McManamon togged out? Named on bench but didn’t see him on lap of honour?


Astounding, but not unexpected hypocrisy from you. Read back over your replies when I said I agreed with the flying of Palestinian flags in Croke Park. Your were in such high dudgeon that there was a risk of vertigo if you looked down. The clap for Stardust families was also political- to force the government to act. You cannot have it both ways. Either neither are acceptable or both are.


It’s not political. Absolute nonsense to suggest otherwise.

But let’s say I accept your assertion. Then no, I don’t believe any political act or protest has any place at a sports event.

No hypocrisy there at all.


It’s not political? Ah here!


Is it though? Are they not keeping a man back to cover for him? I don’t see any reason why a keeper can’t be more outfield, but I don’t think it creates an extra man. I think there is something in it, and fair play to him for trying it - but as a tactic I think it’s not there yet.


When he comes out first he is extra - if he continues further out an overlap will have been created and a man can drop to cover. Happened a number of times yesterday.