2018 Leinster SFC Final , Dublin v Laois - Croke Park , Sun June 24th 4pm




Perish the thought.


Blonde …


(Shaking my head…!)


Yes, I saw him during the warm up. He was fully togged out.


There is a clearly defined tackle it must be on the ball with one hand which has to be open. It because it is never enforced since I have ever watched football (78 on) that has caused the confusion.


There is also the block, which is rarely coached, or tapping out the ball from another player mid-solo. The last time I saw that done was by Paul Curran against Meath in 1995.


Yes the block is a different disposession skill but the tap on the solo is the same principle as the tackle. If I am not mistaken the block can only be executed against a kick.


2 particular instances of a tackle are defined, hand in to dislodge the ball or shoulder to shoulder on the man but it is nowhere near comprehensive enough and impossible to implement without more detail about what is acceptable and what is not. the left-right-left-right rabbit punches thing should be banned and knocking a smaller opponent over with a fare shoulder shouldn’t be a free or yellow card which it often is. hurting someone with a fair shoulder shouldnt be a yellow either which it often is. i dont have a rulebook handy but i would guess there is a couple of lines on the tackle- there needs to be a block of regulation with some original thinking and it needs to be implemented.


The tap on the solo involves going for the ball, not touching the man. It is entirely different to the pulling and dragging that poses for a tackle these days.


Philly did it to a Galway player in league game in Galway. He waited and waited as he ran along side the Galway player and perfected it brilliantly.


Shoulder to shoulder is not defined for me in the tackle, as I understand it, the only statement is that incidental contact between players going for the ball in the same direction is allowed and one foot must be on the ground.
The only tackle allowed is on the ball with one open hand. The slap with one hand after the other thing is usually from behind and quite often two hands connect with the ball so is a foul.


i really hope that is not through exile what you say about the only mention being “incidental contact”. a shoulder has been a skill of the game as long as I have known it and when done right is one of the best to see. it is often deliberately done wrong from the blind side of a player and aimed at the midrift as he lays a ball off or punches in cluxtons case the other week. theses are deliberate attempts to seriously injure a player and should receive a 3 match ban. a proper shoulder was changed a few years back so that now both players must be going in the same direction and it must be side to side. that was progressive and an attempt to take the cowardly stuff out of the game. it also made the shoulder much harder to execute and as a result, most players cant do it now and stay clear, an unfortunate consequence. we have 2 of the best in jamesie and flynner.


Jack Mc’s was a shoulder from heaven. If Jesus himself gave you a shoulder that’s what it would look like.


I’d disagree.

Jamesy Mc’s on Nathan Mullins was the quintessential shoulder, for those of us lucky to see it!


It absolutely emptied Mullins, left him on the deck for 5/6 minutes if I recall correctly. Still can’t believe Mullins came back on 2nd half. Would love to hear Mullins take on it.


To the best of my knowledge he was severely concussed and should not hve played on. He did not play against Rathnew and did not play again for quite some time afterwards.

You can argue about the legality of it and I did at the time. I can understand how some people might see it as perfectly legal. But I would argue that no sport anywhere should allow a player to hit another player with such violenct consequences. Mullins was blessed he wasn’t seriously injured. Arguably he was if one considers concussion a serious injury. I certainly never want to see any player hit so hard again.


Almost… Almost as good as his execution on Graham Reilly in Croker. Ouchey ouch



Don’t really think it was a question of how hard he was hit, it was more being caught by the unexpected, players lay into each other with big hits all the time and there is rarely any serious consequence, but if you are caught by surprise it is a different story.


That’s why I considered it dangerous play. There has to be some duty of care to your opponent. Especially when it comes to hits or tackles that can affect the head.