2018 Leinster SFC Final , Dublin v Laois - Croke Park , Sun June 24th 4pm


But the opposing player does not have to be aware if his opponent is expecting it or not.


Ah in fairness maybe he should have rang him first …


Is young Nathan still involved in the Donegal set up?


Meath were within 3 points of us in the 58th minute :hushed:


Them dark days when all we could manage was an average 8 point winning margin against nay Leinster team… the young kids around here just dont know how good they have it. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


“There is a clearly defined tackle it must be on the ball with one hand which has to be open.”
Not the case. But it must be the ball that is played and not the pretend attempt to play the ball while using this as a free pass to soften the player up with punches to the ribs!!!

The tackle defined:

Provided he has at least one foot on the ground, a player may make a shoulder to shoulder charge on an opponent:-
(a) who is in possession of the ball, or
(b) who is playing the ball other than when kicking it, or
© when both players are moving in the direction of the ball to play it.

Agreed that it could be better defined but still no excuse for not being policed properly.


Only ever seen it live, from what I observed I never thought there was any malice or intent to inflict injury by macker. Certainly agree there should be no place in our sport for intent to injure or for intentional harm. There is physicality in the sport and there is a place for it. What’s being applauded here is the quality of the shoulder not any unintentional harm/injury Mullins may have endured. He was applauded back onto the pitch and i experienced no negitivity in the stands or afterwards regarding the incident from anyone.


I’m not suggesting there was intent at all. I’m simply saying that if you can hit someone fairly in a game yet cause a lot of damage then maybe we need to have a look at that.


You did suggest it at the time, and you said it was a red card incident.

Glad you’re admitting you were wrong.

It’s a rarity in today’s game that lads get concussions, very rare indeed, but it’s a contact sport, and you’d ruin the game if the shoulder was removed. Just my opinion.


Players can get injured from innocuous fair tackles. Where and how would you draw the line, apart from playing tag football?


Job done, we take this dublin team for granted at times. For large parts we didn’t perform but win well. Years gone by a dublin team didnt perform for 25min in Leinster and we lost. That said we are not kerry :rofl:


Remember a good while ago we kicked something like 17 wides v laois and lost, it was a double header and Keaney was a sprightly young up and coming hurler in the hurling game beforehand. Can anyone name the year?


2003 they beat us in the Leinster semi


One of my favourite hits ever on the best half forward in The country :cold_sweat:


Sounds about right. What a disaster that was. Lost the hurling as well.


Really that is an incredibly fundamentalists postion.

So teams that didnt play SA during the apartheid era were wrong.

And I guess these were out of order too.



Watched the full game again. Apologies if it’s been called out already but what the #### does Dessie Dolan be watching? I’ve no problem with bias, shit I’m well used to it but he’s a serious pain in the hole


He’s no good

Him and Martin carney are RTÉ’s in match analysts - pretty pathetic really .


He’s a bit of soft lad.


don’t forget ger canning- heaven help us!