2018 Leinster SFC Quarter Final, Dublin v Wicklow - Portlaoise, Sun May 27th, 4pm


Whats the story with the headband on mdma ?


His inner hippy.


Live commentary on East Coast FM.


The full teams for Dublin vs Wicklow


Sound quality is really good on East Coast FM.


any links anyone?


Not on TV. Radio only.


Mark Schutte thing is just hilarious. Sorry. But he’s not in the best fifty footballer in Dublin.


Dublin 1-3 Wicklow 0-0

Rock free, Con, Kilkenny, and a Fenton goal


Fenton scores a goal. 1-3 to no score.


Game over after 6mins. Thank god this game is not on tv


Off topic: Kildare are a joke. But wow well done Carlow


Look at the hurling championship so far, then you have this.


Apparently Barney Rock is playing for dublin today.


Culchie radio can never tell the difference between Barney and Dean Rock.


Lovely point from Howard


In a way Barney always is playing when Deano is on!


Kilkenny’s 2nd point, Howard, Philly Mc

1-6 - 0-0


Lowndes to Rock for Dublin’s 2nd goal 2-6 - 0-0


I often say “gwan Barney” for gthe craic when Deano is lining one up!