2018 Leinster SFC Quarter Final, Dublin v Wicklow - Portlaoise, Sun May 27th, 4pm


You sure you are a yank, sound like dub to me. Turned injun did nt ya.


No, I’m an American. I’m in awe have this team plays. I appreciate attacking football.


And his other deciple teabagging times is like a fly around shite on spewans tweets


Mannion went off but kicked a 45. McHugh and Basquel scored their first points coming off the bench.
Kilkenny has 1-5. Con Departs with 1-3.

Kevin McManamon replaced Con.


That’d be telling! :sunglasses:


What club though?


Score is?


4-24 - 1-11


Dublin - Ciaran Kilkenny 1-7, Brian Fenton 1-3, Con O’Callaghan 1-3, Dean Rock 1-2 (0-2f), Paddy Andrews 0-3, Conor McHugh 0-2 (0-1f), Brian Howard 0-1, Philly McMahon 0-1, Michael Darragh McCauley 0-1, Paul Mannion (1 '45), Colm Basquel 0-1

Wicklow - James Stafford 1-1, Darren Hayden 0-3 (0-2f), Theo Smyth 0-2, Mark Jackson (0-1f), Rory Finn 0-1, Dean Healy 0-1, Mark Kenny 0-1, Seanie Furlong 0-1f,

4-25 - 1-11


Kids meeting their heros


Anyone any idea of the attendance?


Banter & tweet on rte minute by minute account

Licence fee ehh…


Great 45 from Mannion btw . Didnt notice Rock going off , when was he subbed ?


11,786 according to rte .


Never been so bored at a gaa match. Two teams that just shouldn’t be in the same competition. Look how good the hurling championship has been this year so far and yet we have to sit through that crap…


Kilkenny knocking up 1:7 today suggests he intends to continue his outstanding scoring form this year into championship !


It was announced as 11k, but as far as I know that doesn’t include under 16s. Including the kids I’d say about 15k.


Hard to take anything much from that. I’d be a little disappointed with some of the wides in the second half, but the game was long dead. These two teams should not be playing in the same competition.


Rock went off at HT. Fenton is a supreme footballer -awesome display today.


The boys on the radio were gushing about him all day long. Masterful by their sccounts.