2018 Leinster SFC Quarter Final, Dublin v Wicklow - Portlaoise, Sun May 27th, 4pm


Agree 110%. The hurling this year has been brilliant. Shows up this kind of nonsense for what it is.


Very graceful footballer.Its all too easy for him .
Great to see McCarthy back & Flynner . No sign of Jack at all . Probably saving him for later .


For the past 2-3 years or so, i don’t go to matches after the league finishes until August and I’m not alone, time to grade these championships or it’ll be one man and his dog eventually at them


Don’t get the " These two teams should not be in the same competition " thing, I accept it was a pigeon shoot and it was always likely to be, but we already have a league where teams supposedly play against teams of their own level, today we had a div 4 team knock out a div 1 team, we had a div 3 team knock out a div 2 team, knock out competition is all about the small teams having a slight chance of knocking out the big ones, it is not going to happen every time, but I would say Carlow thing all the hammering they received over the years were worth it tonight.
The Wicklow lads on the radio today were quite happen to have had their day out against the dubs and felt they could learn something from it.


its our premier competition though , played in the summer when the ground is best so teams should be matched so the football is best too. i’ve said it before that if they swaped things around and played the league in the summer and champioship in the spring, it would solve a lot of the problems.


I’m sorry but I’ve very little time now for either Mea** or Kildare. They’ve spent the last 4-5 years complaining about Dublin, while Carlow and Longford have concentrated on getting their house in order and building for the future.
Don’t get me wrong, there’s a lot of good football people in both Kildare & Mea** who’ve tried to move on and rebuild, but, there’s too many knobends down in both counties not listening, and refuse to reinvest at underage.


Surely Cian O’Neill has to get the chop . Theyd probably be better off getting knocked out of the qualifiers to bring this mess to a conclusion.


Lovly day out in Port Laois today great to see the dubs back in action . Even though it was only Wicklow the boys treated it as an opposition that they have to beat , the application and work rate and the manner the players displayed shows how focused a group they are. We got the job done handy enough and we can only play who we are drawn against and move on to next game and next challange. Jim will treat each team on their merits and plan accordingly and move on game by game. Kilkenny was outstanding and has shown this year playing at centre forward he can rack up the scores. Fenton was majestic and 1.3 was a great return. Great to see Flynner back think he will feature this year if he is fully free from injury. The only player I was a little disappointed with was Mannion who for me didnt do a lot today. Anyway on to the next challange and another day in the sun .


Far too optimistic for a gaa man hammer, bit more negativity please .


QSure how could you be negative on a lovly summers day like today ??:smiley:


Fixed that for ya :wink:


Fenton, Kilkenny and Con were brilliant today.
For all the negativity about this game being played , I enjoyed the day out. Good banter in the town with a ballad band belting out a few tunes After the game the sing songs continued outside a couple of pubs in main street , nice moment when the Dubs stopped singing to applaud the Wicklow team and Johnn Evans as they made their way into mc Loughlins for I assume something to eat.


But they regularly beat us at underage …


Was there for that, apart from the not giving the ball back saga, dubs fans showed great respect to the game today. What began as ironic cheers for Wicklow getting a score soon becam pure respect for a team giving their all and all those around applauded each Wicklow score as they worked hard for and every one right until the end.


Ye, although the game was never in doubt , I found myself enjoying a few individual battles as one or two Wicklow lads got the better of their men on a few rare occasions. Although they were hammered , I don’t think the Wicklow lads , will be too down.
Too be honest I’ve watched a lot worse games against blanket defences.


Enjoyable day that. Only negative was all our goals going in at the opposite terrace to the scoreboard end where I was. Hoping there will be some highlights on the SG now.


2 and a half hour Sunday Game. Ridiculous. How is a kid supposed to stay up until midnight to see a few mins of their county. The tv coverage this year is a shambles.


Ah jeeze @BohemianDub she’s only a little over a week old - she won’t even understand it yet.


She already giggles when I say Mayo for Sam. She gets it


5 euro for kids ticket , so they must be counted .
Although looked a lot more than 11,000 at game.