2018 Leinster SFC Quarter Final, Dublin v Wicklow - Portlaoise, Sun May 27th, 4pm


There was over 13k last year. I’d say there was far more today - someone’s telling porkies …


Great day out in the sunny Midlands. Kilkenny, Con and Fenton all top drawer. The way Fenton glides his scores is worth the entrance fee alone.


There’s a St Underage . I heard it all now. Vatican had a lot to answer for. :laughing:


St Underage is the patron saint of minors! He is regularly found outside off licenses trying to get you to buy gargle for him.


Agreed, but they can’t stop there, friends involved in Trim, Ashbourne and Navan. They’re telling me it’s the same clubs being picked from all the time. O’Rourke as been banging on at their Co Board for last three years about adopting the Dublin template if development squads etc, and has been laughed out all the time. Mea** Hurlers have and will continue to achieve more than their footballers for the next 5yrs unless they do something( not that I’m complaining)…


They need to make parts of it online exclusively that way there is more action of the football and less pundits talking for 10 minutes about nothing.


It has been set up where the early focus is on the Hurling and rightfully so because the hurling is properly set up. Plus the fact that,at this stage, most of the football is shite. Football will take centre stage later in the summer when the dross has been thinned out.
Hurling has a Super 11. Football will have a Super 8.
How super the 8 will be remains to be seen.


Really good start - amazing intensity right throughout for a team winning by 10+ points from early on. Serious intent and the bottom line is that there isn’t a group of footballers anywhere near this lot in the country at present.

Brian Fenton is a Rolls Royce footballer. He did a couple of breathtaking things yesterday - that drop of the shoulder and turn of pace to leave his man for dead is sublime and the economy of his points efforts would leave even Adam Smith gasping. MDMA put in a good shift too and worked hard linking and tracking.

Kilkenny was wonderful and is becoming more clinical and though still an odd kicking style it is more controlled. Con will be wonderful this Summer.

Jonny was an animal throughout and the defence did well as a unit.

Hard to come into a game like that and impress and maybe Kev Mc and Flynner are trying too hard to get back to where they were - not always the best thing.

The one main concern I would have is the goal. James Stafford is a big man but he barely had to jump as Stephen and MDMA did not communicate and seemed to leave it to each other. A soft goal.

Summing up - a very satisfactory start with clear signs of real intent from the first whistle. These lads mean business.


Don’t know how O’Neill got job in first place as strength and conditioning is his area. Completely out of his depth for this role.


Re MDMA and the goal. The last time I saw him isolated in the full back position with a big guy was in 2014 v Donegal - and that didn’t end too well either …


Ahh the goal was all Cluxton’s fault really. Should have stayed put and let MDMA contest it, he got in the way more than anything


There goes the All Star …


He will be devastated…


Cluxton could do the Rene Higuita’s Scorpion Kick while solving the health and housing crisis at the same time and still wouldn’t get an All Star.


Did look to be Stephens fault and MDMA gave him a look on way out that makes me feel he thought so too. But to be fair its a tough match for a keeper as you are doing nothing for 68 mins and then have to contest against a monster. He probably should have stayed and saved the punched effort if MDMA didn’t block. He did well on another one later then which will help him put it to bed.


Stevos abit hit & miss on the high balls .
Can be great & then have a few brain farts .


ah it was a very MDNA day. in the first half he looked like he was going for a fisted point but the ball went at 90 degrees into a wicklow lads arms - or was he passing to what he thought was a dublin lad?

fair play to wicklow for not turning a game they were not going to win into a shitefest of fouls and blankets (TBF both teams pulled back their players en masse in defending) and actually going out and taking on their man and attacking. In the first 20 mins they had an interesting way of going into the tackle by spinning and looking to release to the runner on the shoulder, isolating the defender. They also played a lot of their attacks along the sideline and TBF if they had better shooting boots on they could have doubled their points total.

you also have to say fir play to gavin and the team,they put out a strong team today, their field was littered with multiple all ireland winners who didnt act the bollix and coast around and do any prima donna stuff, they worked hard and treated this game and their opponents with respect.

regarding the attendance, there really is no pleasing the usual knockers out there in social media land. If we pack out croke park its because of bandwagoners and glory hunters. Yesterday was a 100% odds on win, so you’d have thought the glory hunters would be out in force but no, we have almost 12,000 on a sunny sunday afternoon going to a non event, and paying good money for tickets, petrol, food, drink and all that. Bring your kids and yesterday wasnt cheap. Oh, and the solution to the aughrim question - even with 12,000 being a small enough crowd, it actually answered those who objected to portlaoise, wicklow was never the solution for this match and it never has been as the majority have been in newbridge over the years. even a small dublin crowd is too much for wicklow, and all the arguments about playing games to allow the maximum potential fans to attend seems to go out the window when we are involved.

Sadly, mayo got limerick so those who objected to yesterdays venue wont have to answer questions if mayo had to have been similarly accommodated (and limerick wont be a sell out either.)


He’ll have to content himself with a Celtic Cross and Sam then (again).


Poor fecker


My heart goes out to him. His mantlepiece must be bowed right down in the middle from Sam sitting on it constantly, for the last three years.