2018 Leinster SFC Semi Final, Dublin v Longford – Croke Park, Sun June 10th 4pm


Barney Rocke … huh. Gerry Horgan? Huh …


Piss poor editor there !


He’d be writing of Stephen Klaxton and Paul Minion today …


I wonder if Ned McCaffrey is Jocks da?


Cluxton was out on the beer with the rest of the lads on Sunday, so would assume he’s fine.


Are you an Olafs club member?


Do u mean he was on the blue wkd? :wink:


I didn’t want to publicly embarrass the man like that Stato…


I think everyone knows


I was talking to 3 olafs members on Sunday and they said he was injured.


Crazy jibbering old f*ck, it must be killing him seeing Dublin win all around them while playing good football.


You are right Burlap and Brolly had the audacity to name Keegan as half back on a best ever team over weekend, Cooper is streets ahead…


In a way it’s brilliant that Spillane is at this carry on again. He has shown his true colours again but unfortunately for him this nothing incident was already dealt with and there’s ■■■■ all he can do. He was obviously on the edge of his seat waiting for the first tiny bit of controversy involving a Dub to latch onto.

Not to say this team needs any motivation cause they’re all clearly very driven young men anyway but how does any manager stop complacency setting in with a side that have won it all. Siege mentality. “Look what this gobshite is saying about us again. He hates us and hates the thought of us going one better than his great team. Let’s wipe the smug look off his face”

On another Pat Spillane related note. Dessie Dolan called out his Connolly bollocks last year. Has he been on the panel since? Seems to do co commentary but doesn’t seem to get the analysis gig anymore


Dessie is good at the auld analysing in fairness. Saw a message on twitter today where the guy said Whelo always looks like he’s just polished off a massive carvery just before going on air. :joy:


Genuine question…
In terms of rank - which would RTE see as more important (or any other broadcaster)?
Who would get paid more etc?

Would co commentator not be higher than analyst? And would the live match analysts be higher up the chain than the Sunday Game one’s?

Never really thought of it before - just your comment above got me thinking!!


That’s a shame for him. So are you and Olafs club man?


I would have thought the lads on the couch doing the analysis were the top earners.


So the highlights show panel?
Does anyone know the viewers ship numbers for live games v Sunday game highlights show?
Definitely would think more people listen to the commentary than watch the live match analysis at half time etc!


Hard to know as RTE never divulge any such payments. I’d say O’Rourke, Spillane and Brolly are on the high end due to length of service … no other discernible reason mind you. RTE are supposed to publish all those on over 100k. Last August they published top 10 (for 2015!) and Darragh Moloney was tenth on 188,800k. DOn’t think I ever saw any of the pundits’ pay but would be amazed if the three mentioned earlier aren’t taken 6 figures out of Donnybrook.


Yea would be surprised if they aren’t on big money, but a lot of that is as you say due to length of service etc.
But if Dessie Dolan was moved from the panel to co commentary would that be seen as a demotion or promotion for him?