2018 Leinster SFC Semi Final, Dublin v Longford – Croke Park, Sun June 10th 4pm


Yep that’s week of 21-22 July and then similar loser Rossies/Galway or whoever defeats them on Aug 4/5 at home … Parnell Park I presume …

This is cleverly designed to have a heaving PuC … what could possibly go wrong …


Jaysus, when you see that…verbal diarrhoea passed off as analysis. Cleverly spewed out to screw us though.


He is a CAUC. Id wish Wehlo would do this when sitting beside him! :grin: wearing his giant white gloves.



It’s targeted and clever, drip by drip planting the seeds. An orchestrated process to undermine Dublin on and off the pitch, with the focus on achieving their objective before the 2019 championship. Meanwhile kerry build under the radar out of the spotlight.


The first round of games include the provincial winners against each other in Croke Park, so possibly us v Donegal and Kerry v Galway first up. I’d say the GAA are praying for two quality games similar to what we have had in the hurling round robin games. It will be more fuel to the fire of eventually splitting/grading the football championship too. The last thing they will want is one sided games in the super 8’s.


Early start fir Billy the kid on putting forward the idea of ■■■ as poty. Watch this space and that idea progressing.


Wouldn’t be surprised, desperate times, desperate measures and all that, though I do think the dirt in the Galway game may provide an obstacle to that, a lot of football to be played yet, might be sufficient to cleanse the memories. Will be monitoring closely all narratives for agenda setting.


Ah if only it were that simple! Every piece of propaganda over a number of years is as someone else said the drip drip effect, it creates a norm that suits the agenda, and maintains it. This is what happened to Connolly, with the suspension for almost nothing last year providing in effect the coup de grace, albeit delayed.


Beckenbauer? Rory was pretty much that too. Pat Canavan. Kevin Moran. Whelo before he really bulked up etc. Ooh aah


Connolly was deservedly suspended last year,the problem was the rule, they had no choice but to give him at least12 weeks, they gave him the minimum , but given what he did the minimum was way over the top. If he had been given a match nobody would have said anything.
Also the assumption that what happened this year is related to that incident, is only assumption, Only those in the know , know the real reasons why he left.


Wouldn’t have happened most likely but for the SG calling out and the furore that went with it. Anyway it was that that set in train a certain course of action etc etc as Ray says in Bruges.


Great post Burlap. I’m really going out of my way to ignore the culchie bulshit and being. very selective on what I read or pay attention to ( usually just Dublins sites and some news)


No , just talking to a few at the game who were.


Its the only way! The other point about all this is how underserved we are with proper sports Journalism for our national games. I rarely get stuck into much media which is a shame as I love to read about all other sports.

Don’t get me started on the lack of highlights or mid week telly show for GAA. There has to huge demand out there for it. Obviously the sports budget is getting spent of Dinosaur pundits

And fair play to Napper, didn’t realize it was Spillane who got the ball rolling on the Dubs out of Croker. I used to listen to Off the Ball when Parkinson was on and he certainly got right behind it too.

I’ll have to work on shorter posts… :laughing:


Lol at some of the posts here.
J Cooper was more then lucky end of story, he has been getting away with it for years.
FFS targeted? As if Dubs dont target other players


Examples please


Let’s not be silly on this on. Every county / player will target their opponent in their own unique way to achieve an advantage.


Never said it didn’t happen. I’m just asking for examples and I also want in the context of what happened to DC last year and what’s happening with JC this year


Not on this occasion. That was a nothing incident. There are far worse in most games.
Nobody is complaining about the ref or the opponent just the opportunist cabbage muncher from Templenoe.

tbh I don’t bother with the Sunday Game anymore as the analysis (especially on football) is crap. Watch the games then switch over to something more interesting,


It was a nothing incident in so far as nothing happened, but JC was very lucky not to get a red card.