2018 Leinster SFC Semi Final, Dublin v Longford – Croke Park, Sun June 10th 4pm


A nothing incident haha. If one of the Longford defenders did that to Deano or Con then there would be Dubs screaming for a straight red. Cooper was already on a yellow & Deegan bottled it, no surprise.

A Cabbage muncher? Original


Hi Pat. Welcome to the site!


Danny MacKenna


Jesus lad, I’ve seen dozens of worse tackles in games even in recent years and no sea of red or yellow cards dished out.

Pat is a tired worn out broken record of an analyst. Same old clap-trap every week for the last 30 years

It’s an RTE thing, Dunphy, Hook, Spillane all spouting drivel dressed up as analysis for 3 decades on the licence fee. Time to change it up




An elbow into the face not warranting at least a yellow? Lad we are not discussing MMA.

On Sunday Game I disagree. The current analysts (Football & Hurling) are brilliant. Also a huge fan of Gooch on the show. I think Dubs will have a few new analysts over next few seasons when current crop retire.


Are ya kerry lad? We usually get a few around this time of year… personally I find Gooch bland enough, but bully for him job for life.


Danny Healy Rae by the sounds of things…


Is sea, Im ó Chiarrai.
Maybe Im biased but Tomas & Gooch are top class analysts. Whelo is good too to be fair.


Gooch hasn’t a patch on either Whelo or Tomas. But then again Gooch can do no wrong in you Kerry boys eyes! But one mans Gooch is another mans Dessie Dolan.


You’re taking the p1ss now!

This is only going one way with you. You will will no doubt start to agitate & aggravate people here over the coming couple of days before you get yourself banned. You may have even gone through this process under different name before. 2 / 3 day s maximum I’ll give you! You might do us all a favour and disappear before that happens!


This is only going one way! :slight_smile:


Ah Gooch could do very little wrong on the pitch I think we can all agree.
Dessie is ok but I was cringing when he described J Cooper as the hard man of Dublin. As if giving an elbow is hard and manly lol


A hand, yes. An elbow, no. Intent, debatable at most. IMO he went to hit him hard, and he did. Longford lad checks back towards Cooper at the same time as as he tries to avoid Philly Mc Mahon

A foul and a free, absolutely.

Any way life is all about opinions, and everyone has their own


I like Tomás, plus he can speak two languages

Gooch can’t even speak one. :thinking:


Did Tomas O Se ever have a benefit night for himself?


No but he did have one (with his brothers) his club. Gooch is preparing for the one year anniversary.


Pity he never won POTY… still four All Irelands and one club not to be sneezed at.


“opportunist cabbage muncher from Templenoe…”

Probably the most descriptive, honest and complimentary way of describing I have heard! :grin:


Dry your eyes mate