2018 Leinster SFC Semi Final, Dublin v Longford – Croke Park, Sun June 10th 4pm


Tis all going one way here. An early castration would likely be best …


Can we keep until the 5 in a row please?


What Kerry would give right now to have a Johnny Cooper.


Your pal Tomás gave a few of those in his day, don’t recall any campaigns in the media about him. Apart from Galvin I don’t recall any of your hard men getting called out for stuff apart from by Cork fans during the annual game of let’s pretend the Langers have a chance to beat us when it matters.


If only we had a team full of choir boys like Kerry do. You know the likes of Donaghy, Morley and some of the new lads who came up to Dublin in the spring and pulled, dragged and shoved their way to another defeat to us


Tomas as you said an excellent analyst which I agree saw nothing in the Cooper tackle


It’s called “laying down a marker” I believe. :wink:


It’s nice to have someone from the kingdom drop by. They’ve been very quiet the last few years for some reason. Must be starting to fancy themselves again




No Dub09 that was Ballytalkingthrumybackside you’re thinking of. The fella you mention is his cousin on his mother’s side :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


He was great mates with @JJF. He even went down to Kerry at Easter and spent the weekend with Ballymacwhatthehellisthatinthefireside and family.


We wuz like brothers but his correct name is ballyimadopeyfuckfromnowherebesidethefireplace, lovely chap.


Just have to love those Kerry lads with their witty, poetic words and the way they might look at ya!


Ooh this should be interesting…


Actually Tomás gave out about Cooper for not getting it right technically, he sadid he always made sure he caught his man with the elbow or the fist, but Copper mishit and caught him with his arm:)


i’ll second that


I’m all for freedom of expression etc. etc. etc. but I see LOL written above by someone. Lets not go down the path of imitating 12 year olds!!




I had to google it - the world as we know it has ended :grinning:


I just made that up, does it actually mean something?