2018 Leinster SFC Semi Final, Dublin v Longford – Croke Park, Sun June 10th 4pm


This is not a blog it’s a forum. And I always think before I type especially when the good weather brings out the ciarrai boys on to this forum.


I’m starting to think you are ballymebollicksbesidethefireplace… Are you him?


Definitely not him.


Well that’s a relief…


Either you’re taking the piss referencing ■■■ here or you know fook all about ■■■ and his wandering elbows. My guess is it’s a lot of the former with a little bit of the latter.

It must be coming towards a full moon or something with our Yerra interlopers arrival over recent days!


He’s certainly not JJF. He’s been on here many times before. Enjoyable poster, very knowledgeable, if the subject can be lacking agenda.


Someone left the gate open again!


You should pass on that advice to kingdom ultra kingpin Mick Mack. He cracks me up when I read him.


That’s s ten four… Noted. But what is the agenda?


Bally posts under the same username on kerry forum, unmistakable…


I never do Kerry forums ■■■■ that I’m still getting over williejoes!


The agenda is always the same. To be honest, the agenda right now is just to hop ball as they say, and fair play to our correspondent amongst us, he is doing that very well and no fear of him.


I think JC has had enough discussed about him this week.


What I’m really looking forward to is the battle between MDMA & John O’Loughlin the next day out . Remember when Loughers sparked him & busted his nose .


I would if thought O’Loughlin would pick up Fenton…


Even worse

We don’t need that bollix taking out our top midfielder :angry:
MDMA & Fenton might have their hands full with him & Quigley from a physical point if view.


Laois will bring serious dirt to this.


I worked in Dublin for twenty odd years and my experience of my capital city was very positive. In my dealings with the people of Dublin I had overall a very positive opinion of most. In my particular job I had to had direct interaction with all facets of Dublin life and as you are so earnestly trying to point out I didn’t speak with a local accent.

I worked in a hospital under the guidance of a Dublin man called John foley (rip) and he instilled in me the knowledge that there are very good people in all walks of life. He advised me not to judge a person because they speak in an accent that their ear gleaned from birth to stand but by the way they hold themselves. Now I realize that looking back I was more careful when I encountered people with a particular weight to their speak and perhaps being initially guarded I failed to notice the heart behind this strange accent I encountered, but I learned that a man living in a Haise beside Raindabait was all too often half the man who lived in a Bleedin’ Gaff in The Noggin.

I learned that an accent was like a language and merely put a general GPS location on the speaker, localisms and the culture of the person speaking in the accent said absolutely nothing about who they were or what their human fiber was. Someone who forms an opinion on the character of another based on their accent needs to broaden their cultural development.


I’ve nothing against anyone’s accent, race, creed, or cut. It’s just hopping ball. If you stuck around you’ll see I can take the proverbial p out of anything, including us Dubs. The only things I get truly animated about are how you pour a pint of ale, and how you make a brew. If I was from Cork I might ask do you put the milk in the tea-cup first but I’m not so I won’t.

You’ve posted some great stuff here over the years, and I wish you’d make it regular instead of these occasional guerilla attacks from the other side of those blasted mountains. And btw, Con Houlihan was and always will be my favourite writer on Gaelic, and other sports. And he was very good on other subjects too.

Just one more thing, do you butter the bread to the very corners, or, God help us, cut the crusts off?


Ok then three Hail Marys, a trip to Kerry and no more wanknig !,