2018 Leinster SFC Semi Final, Dublin v Longford – Croke Park, Sun June 10th 4pm



Now now that’s not at all in keeping with the literary standards of your great county legacy.
I once went to Kerry to try to get a ticket for a match between us and yous. It was quite an adventure. Like many things in that land, it was not at all as it appeared.


As ye so eloquently quip,
Go on ya bxllix ,.
See ye dressing room one later in the year.


I skimmed the last 20 posts … even that was too much


Don’t schtop Al. You’re on a roll.


Quigley is out for the year. Doubt we’ll see him again in a Laois jersey tbh.


Ah OK , when did he get injured ?
Only thought of him when i looked up the player profiles.


its called a paten. they’re altarservers. apart from that, thanks for the lesson.


Im sure the Dublin choir boys will be fine.


You know when you’re out for a pint and having the craic and some lad ye don’t really know comes along and butts in. Usually he’s well jarred, thinks he’s funny but in reality is there because he has no mates. He laughs at his own jokes but everyone thinks he’s a bit of a gobshite and everyone hopes he’ll just drift off again before he’s told to …

That ever happen to anyone?



O Loughlin is a great fielder of the ball-better than either of of our likely starters in midfield… MDMA or Fenton. But he is not remotely as mobile as either. The longer the game goes on the more anonymous he will be. A bit like the Mayo midfield -may catch a few balls early-then fade.Dublin by 15 -pulling up and 6 subs to get enough game time to stake a claim for the super 8s




Cooper is getting unfair criticism for this tackle. If you look at the replay you would see the Laois forward is falling/bending down so his head is very low. Coopers hand is stretched out towards the Laois player’s chest/stomach which is where the ball would normally be held. How could Cooper anticipate the Laois player would stumble when running at pace?. To suggest Cooper led with a fist or raised an elbow is incorrect. Amazed that Whelan did not pick up Spillane on this


His arm must have stretched a long way as the Laois player was probably on the M50 at that stage😂


Nothing unfair about it imo. Majority of views appear to be the same.


He has been most unfortunate in his failure to anticipate the possible or even probable location of opposing players bodyperts in the tackle. Now mind you it’s not his judgement that I am questioning as I think he is a bloody warrior and in truth I admire him but there are rules of engagement and the sight of other players leaving the field for similar infringements is why fires are being lit and smoke signals sent to the opposing camps reading treachery and favoritism.

Cooper needs to cool his jets and that is not because pundits are saying it, in truth it’s because he is pushing the envelope and in a tight game he could very quickly go from hero to villain, “the crowd are fickle” and all that ,


Some pile of shite being pedalled about jc. Go through any of the gsmes from last weekend and slow them down to suit yourself and you’ll find reems of stuff you could raise a flag about. i’m not even sure there was anything in the tackle, looked like real attempt to do his job as a back. Cant believe the deal being made, its only cos itd jonny. I,'ve had enough of it tbh after diarmo last year. I’ve never seen jonny ever attempt to injure an opponent or throw in a cheap elbow or kick like many other players do on a regular basis. He gets dtuck into the annoying shit just like many othrr players especislly donaghy but never tries to injure with cowardly shit on the blind side ala cillian etc. Spillane continues to abuse his rte role to try and deplete the dublin squad cos his ego cant take it that they are the best team ever. He should be fecked off the tv, use to be good, now his ego has made him a clown.


Do people actually think Cooper tried to punch the Laois player in head . That’s a lofty claim , I’d be more inclined to think he tried to bring him down & mistimed it . Its more accidential than anything , albeit it looks brutal on the replays .


Excellent post @Tonbinn