2018 Leinster SFC Semi Final, Dublin v Longford – Croke Park, Sun June 10th 4pm


With his eyes closed as well it reminds me a bit of Ger Brennan and Dec OS in the 2011 final, bracing for an impact where one player is looking like colliding straight into another and goes downwards/slips whatever in trying to change direction/stop etc. However in this case it wasn’t looking like a collision on JC. Anyway the campaign goes on, as campaigns do. What next, Fenton should be booked for being too nice? Running too fast? For not getting involved when opposition players try to blackguard him.

Pat and his ilk didn’t seem too interested last year or the year before when Murphy (who was on a rampage that year) nearly broke Fenton’s jaw, and Colm Cavanagh did a karate kick diving attack on him. Funny that Pat and Co wouldn’t find those sort of things nearly so objectionable, or the pattern of them. Doubt very much our correspondent from the land that Sam forgot here got too exercised by those brutal assaults either, did you eh?


I think Jonny made a tackle that he could have got a yellow card for, nothing more or nothing less, he didn’t no big deal, it wasn’t something out of the ordinary in any game.


Spot on…both of those ‘tackles’ were intentional and not a peep said…both could have ended careers…cooper mistimed albeit with closed fist (common at IC level) and the level of scrutiny placed upon JC I’d dread to think what would happen if he committed either of the above…only thing is it brings out the siege mentality in our lads and that’s only good for us and bad for the rest of the country


Used to great effect last year . Unfortunately now we have a stand in for DC to be “kept an eye on” for any indiscretions . Its a pain in the hole tbh but it is what it is .


Were people not screaming bloody murder on here when Fenton got hit by Michael Murphy a while back? It’s obviously a Dublin forum and we don’t want to crucify our own but it’s never a bad thing to look at everything equally and unbiased at times.
Saying that I thought Cooper was ok in this instance, leads in with his fist but I thought was more going for the shoulder. …then again I also though Michael Murphy didn’t do much wrong either and it was the slow motion that made it look worse


Best team ever? Not for me but a very good team all the same and by far the team of the decade. As for Cooper, the only ones going on about it now are the Dubs with their constant but unsurprising whinging about the media/GAA world being against them. As we say in Chiarrai Yawn


There’s a lot of posters on here from other counties who contribute greatly and actually make this a better forum for them being on. The likes of @mayoman @greenred @upthedall @Rufus_T_Firefly and @Gamechanger10 to name but a few. But honestly mate, ■■■■ off.


Good for you mate. Am I not allowed express an opinion? Are you upset that I said Dubs are not best team ever (in my opinion)? Go find the rattlers lost from your pram.


Twenty to 12 on a Saturday night and you’re trolling on a Dublin site. Should you not be stuck into the books? Junior cert is still on isn’t it? Pathetic clown


Dude we could beat the xmen and win the next 5 sams and you guys would say yerra… Kerrymen and humility with conviction a rare breed unless your Mick fassbender


The night is young, we go out late down here. I’ll have a drink now and log off and make a confession tomorrow about how outrageous I’ve been.


Or Gooch … top top Analyst




Yerra I think he could be Bryan Sheehan in disguise :wink: :wink:


The Gooch has a face for radio.


It was Murphy’s fist on Fenton’s jaw that looked worse/bad because it was bad.


If the Langers get over the euphoria of the visit of the Prince of Wales and his radiant bride I think they’ll give the Keepers all they can handle. After all this Kerry team has won ■■■■ all.


Lads what’s the story with DC? I’ve heard he is not going to the US now?


The problem is all the things people have heard. And I’ll warrant that not one of those people talking about what they have heard heard it from the only source that matters. Best wait until it happens before assuming that anyone who heard anything actually heard the truth.


100% agree with you. I for one am very concerned about Corcaigh. They have a lot of very good footballers (dominated U21 Munster for many years) and if they got their act together they would be a serious threat to all the top teams. Ronan McCarthy’s appointment was a good one.