2018 Leinster SFC Semi Final, Dublin v Longford – Croke Park, Sun June 10th 4pm


Yerra yerra yerra…you are in your backside worried about Cork. You’ll beat them with something to spare & you darn well know it. You’ll have to try harder than that mate.


Them Kerry boys… And they keep banging on about financial doping it should be yerra doping been around since 1901.


Should we include you in that too???


No as I freely admit to having virtually no idea about recent events and speculation. No idea if he’s going to America. No idea why he’s not playing for Vincent’s. No idea about any of the other gossip posted on here. I have some idea why he’s not playing for Dublin based on a reliable source. Of which there would be very few. Other than that I know as much as anyone else on here. Which is very little to nothing. The difference being I haven’t posted any bullshit. And I’m not going to. Diarmuid can do as he wishes. He owes no one anything.

Hope that’s a satisfactory answer.


It’s not really, but it’ll do for a Sunday morning.


Well if you’ve any other questions be sure and let me know :wink:


Ah disappointing Al that a man who knows so much knows so little …


Players come and go ,sometimes their career finishes too early or other times they hang on too long. I support the dubs , it’s not Connolly + 14 and while I prefer him to be on the pitch i think I ll survive his absence / retirement?. As this stage I couldn’t care less why he is nt there , his business and I think the squad have moved on from it a while back and so should the fans.


Thanks for your reply. Look, Corcaigh have a decent record in PUC against Chiarrai. Of the last 5 championship meets there, Corcaigh have a 3-2 advantage. Apart from 2014 where we were quite majestic and Cork had no answer, every other game in recent memory in PUC has been keenly contested.

Corcaigh will have a big crowd there in the brand spanking new stadium and will be well up for this one. They had a very good win over a Tipperary side that most commentators fancied, they ran Maigh Eo to a point last year, a Maigh Eo that went toe to toe with the Dubs. Look Corcaigh are decent. I think even Dubs would find Corcaigh a tough nut to crack on Leeside.

I think we can do it but it will take a big performance to win this one. And you can call it Yerra this or Yerra that but I tell you something, we will enjoy the day anyway. A Traditional Munster Final is very hard to beat.


In football??? Are you for real?!


I doubht he is… Pinch of salt Dub09


But you’d no problem posting bullshit about Darragh O’Connell a couple of weeks ago.


Simply put, he’s not in the Marino mafia!


Sure we are the best team ever . ■■■■ off


I did?


You did.


Remind me.


Find it yourself. You posted it. You questioned his commitment to Dublin hurling and said that he should not be allowed to hurl for us again.


Why did he not hurl for dublin this year?


Neither you nor I know. And it’s none of our business as he is an amateur player.