2018 Leinster SFC Semi Final, Dublin v Longford – Croke Park, Sun June 10th 4pm


He was reported as unavailable. Which could mean a few things. But if he simply refused an invitation to play this year then I think it is a perfectly acceptable position to hold that he wouldn’t be asked again. Even more so as he’s a Kerry man. I’d much prefer our own were playing. It’s not tolerated in the football but if it was I’d feel exactly the same if Brendan Egan or Enda Varley simply refused invitations to play for the county. Or indeed any Dublin player.


Would you hold the same view about DC?


Yes. Although I don’t think the situations are in any way related and I don’t think it’s going to be an issue. As noted on another thread a number of Vincent’s lads have turned down the opportunity. Why would you ask them again?


As pointed out in the article a number of Dublin players took time out and returned.



Your own club started the importing of our country cousins by bringing in Tomas Cleary from Westmeath as a…er…bar man (about 20 years ago) and you also had an E.G.M to change your own constitution so you could bring in Ciaran Barr from Antrim. And now you don’t like culchies anymore!!! A neck like a …Question. Should Connolly ever play for Dublin again?


Mayo beat Kerry by 5 points in the replay and it should have been much more.


What has that got to do with what I was talking about? I was not talking about club players at all. And it’s factually incorrect to state that Vincent’s were the first club in Dublin to accept country players. They were damn near the last and you know it. Connolly’s situation is not remotely similar. He’s a Dublin man who has given everything to his county for nigh on twenty years. And the current management aren’t the first to treat him badly. The question should be why would he bother?

And I’d prefer if Dublin county teams were for Dublin players. We should not have the difference between hurling and football that we do have. Club is totally different. But then you know that. It just doesn’t suit your argument.


Totally agree, making Mayo the second best ever :grin: Kerry of the 70’s nothing on the Green over the Red :wink:


You really don’t know anything about the situation if that’s your view on it.


Right so.


I don’t spread rumours but I sometimes hear them. If even 20% of what some people are saying is true, a certain person should never play for Dublin again. However, I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt as I have no idea if any of it is true. We don’t know what is going on in the lives if others or what challenges they face.


Absolutely. Maigh Eo were immense last year and 5 points flattered us. Ye should have won final too. Anyway what about next weekend? Do you fancy beating Tiobraid Arann?


Oh really. Good for you. Bet you were nearly crying typing that.


Will you ever p1ss off with your juvenile wind ups. This is the Dublin v Longford thread. If you want to talk sh1te about Mayo winning last years All Ireland find the thread and post there. Can u manage that do you think?


Who is winding up? I have no intention of that, I was simply replying directly to the Mayo fan and his post. If you don’t like it, ignore it. Stop being so childish


Just in case anyone is wondering …


Yeah, the cupla focail was a bit of a give away alright. Well, that and all the bull$hit and bolloxology coming out of his piehole obviously.


Would second this. It’s difficult to put this in a way that won’t offend everyone on here, but all this talk about how poorly he was treated is nonsense and largely has nothing to do with his absence. Perhaps if Connolly was able to behave like a responsible adult he’d have been treated better, is all I’m going to say. He’s no angel by any means. As for Boston, he was at Liam Gallagher on Friday, so if he is going, he isn’t there yet.


Oh Danny, boy…