2018 LSHC Round 4 - Galway v Dublin, Pearse Stadium, Saturday June 9th 7pm


Yea, the worst possible game to be missing our two most physically imposing forwards.


Maybe he’s thinking he may not have both next year and trying a few options?


We’re giving fellas training all year a game against the All Ireland champions. Result is not important. Let’s see what some of the bench players can do.


I’d argue it’s very important. We’ve only let in one goal so far which is massive compared to all the soft goals we’ve been conceding since 2014. If we keep a clean sheet tomorrow to me that would say to we have 50% at least of our problems fixed on the path back to becoming contenders again. That half forward line looks light but is loaded with pace. There be a plan to run the likes of McInerney around Salthill tomorrow evening which he won’t like. Tear into them lads!


Head to head is in place for all round robins at club and county level as per official guide, except where more than two teams finish on the same points. Seems fair to me and can’t see why it would be changed. It was obvious before the championship started that qualification would probably be between us Wexford and Kilkenny with Galway being a bit ahead of all teams. So we knew we had to at least beat Kilkenny or Wexford to have a chance to qualify. We didn’t but were a bit unlucky. The strange thing is I think we might be the best placed in Leinster to give Galway a game. Will know more after tomorrow.


That’s a fair point, would still like us to go for the win.


It’s hard to know who they will aim the puckouts at. Boland is ok under them, but he’s not massively tall.


I’ve often wondered what happens if 3 teams finish on the same points, but 1 of them has beaten the other 2? I’ve never seen it happen, but it is possible to happen.
I’d imagine it would be points difference but that would seem unfair!


Any more than two teams finish on the same amount of points then it’s score difference.


be very concerned as well, galway could just burst out with ball from defence without the physicality of keaney and rush to hold them up, occupy them etc.

Colm Cronin, Mark Schutte losses in this sense


Dear god Tomás Connolly again , hasn’t done anything all year hope he does not get destroyed by Galway . Cian boland gets another go while having not shown anything again this year . We could get overrun in the middle . Hope not . Half backs and backs and Nolan have been great this year , hope they keep it up !


Connolly was fine in any game I saw him in. Boland has played very little, but was quite good in previous games and very good in his few minutes in the Offaly game.


Connolly is way off county standard .


No he’s not. Maybe not starter material but he’s been solid enough when introduced. His name is Thomas by the way :wink:


Boland got two points when he came on v Offaly. Hardly done nothing.


Just checked a few programs I have and they all have got his name wrong . They have him down as Tomás you would want to get that sorted for him .


Against a tired and depleted Offaly get a grip


It was still a decent cameo. Stop trying to be the new bart.


Great to have such a buzz about Dublin hurling again :smile: Galway are absolute animals so not expecting a win tomorrow but a close game be nice, really hope Keaney gives it another year even if he isn’t starting just to have around the panel his influence and experience be massive


Fact. Absolute fact.