2018 LSHC Round 4 - Galway v Dublin, Pearse Stadium, Saturday June 9th 7pm


There will be a few on here eating there words about Cian Boland in 12 months time once he gets a break regarding injuries.


Don’t get the criticism of individuals on here. Do some people want certain players to fail to prove their points?? When people asked about Dillon’s availability there was remarks “sure he’s hardly an all star now is he?” Connolly and Boland getting it now, mark one of them on the field of play and try tell me their not up to it. FFS leave the negative shite at home. These are young lads we’re discussing who are giving a hell of a lot to this. By all means give an opinion and evaluate performances but some of it smacks of sour grapes for one reason or other. I hope to jaysis Boland and Connolly have the game of their lives today and shut the begrudgers up!!


He played a lot of other games also. If you think he is a ‘long way off county standard’ you most definitely didn’t see them.

No one is saying he is a definite starter, but based on the games I saw him play, Antrim, Limerick, Wex (WC) etc , then he can count himself unlucky he hasn’t got more starts.


To question Dillon and Boland especially is crazy stuff. Dillon on his day is actually near All Star quality and Boland was one of our best under age players ever and is just on his way back from injury.


Big opportunity for a lot of lads today lets hope they take them. Is burke on the panel still…anyone have a list of subs?


Hes a wind up merchant who hasnt set foot inside a ground to see Dublin hurl this year I’d say


Any word on how Salthill is? Did Galway get lashed out of it with rain last night?


Am heading down, I will put up a pic of the programme page when I get it


Good man thanks, hardly on tv is it? Pity its a bit of a dead rubber game but it really gives some lads a chance to stake a claim for next year and it also gives us a great shot at an u21 championship.


Dillon was brilliant last year and was a huge asset to Dublin . I never questioned his ability . He left nothing on the pitch , boland has shown massive promise since I saw him from about 14 but due to injury etc and other things he has never fulfilled his potential! Extremely athletic looking and I always wonder if a manager who was not his dad might have got more out of him at underage and he might have carried that into seniors.


It was scheduled to be on Sky but they rearranged when the dead rubber nature of it was apparent. Which is fair enough.


Trollier listed on subs for tonight



Subs light enough looking…


Is Keaney still injured ?


Anyone know who is wearing 27?


Conroy I think


Must be I guess


We are 7 down at half time.
Wexford 7 up on KK and hurling very well.


Galway are a bit awesome they way the zip the ball up the lines. It’s a really bad day to be missing Rushe and Keaney, we can’t stop the Galway backs coming out with the ball. McInerney is an absolute monster, there are guys tackling him and I don’t think he knows they are there.

It’s not all bad. Danny is taking it to them, McGibb showing well. Ryan was having a bIt of a horror days on the frees, so Treacy has taken over. But three very scorable ones have been missed that would have this closer.

The backs are doing ok, although some of the Galway forwards are just scoring ridiculous scores.

We are not going to win, but it would be good to keep it close and to up the intensity. We have actually had enough wides and dropped enough short to be level, but that would be an unfair reflection of the game.