2018 NFL: Round 7 - Dublin v Monaghan, Sunday March 25th, Croke Park, 3pm (Deferred TG4)


Until we got to the final third …


I’m claiming Brian Howard as my ‘find’ in much the same way as Bart claimed Fento. I said it eons ago.

Don’t tell Jonny.


Said it before you…


its all a bit confusing now with director generals, presidents, etc. who’s the top-dog? it used to be fairly clear if you think back to jack boothman, peter quinn, etc. now we have the carlow boy whose name escapes me and john horan above who i first heard of about a forthnight ago and didn’t know he was from na fianna. does anyone know who does what?


Not a hope mate - not a hope.


The President is a figure head. The DG is where the real power lies. Liam Mulvihill was there before Duffy.


Uachtaran - President: John Horan (Dublin)
Ard Stiurthoir - Director General: Tom Ryan (Carlow)

Garth Brooks Fan Club: Peter McKenna
POTUS: Donald Stormy Trump


Said it about 3 years ago after an under 21 game and an AFL 1 game the following spring. Really stand out player for his age.


I said the day Cluxton made his debut he’d kick a last minute All-Ireland winning point against Kerry one day.


I remember that well. I was just after getting my hair cut and I asked you when and you said maybe not for ten years.

I tipped BH long before Rochey - with a bit of insider knowledge.


I meant for the kickouts only, I agree the rest was a bit predictable.


You reckon we’re hard done by? Donegal got relegated yesterday after Anthony Nolan failed to notice that Kevin McLoughlin took THIRTEEN steps on his equalizing point. Didn’t add on injury time to compensate for the dragfest that went on after it either. As TL said earlier, everybody thinks refs screw them.


Jesus, that Bart thing and Fenton again!! That is entirely my fault, at the end of the year he made his debut I went back and looked who was the first to mention him here. It was Bart, but it was in the context of our midfield being utterly shite and we have no options, so we might as well give the two U21s midfielders a go (O Conghaile and Fenton). I unfortunately, in a generous mood, posted to the effect that Bart was the first to mention him. I didn’t expect it to spawn the self congratulation that followed. Although there was a slew of posters who told me at the time that it was a mistake :grinning:


That footage is amazing, Kev Mc would be embarrassed.


He wasn’t …


I agree, I really do think human nature is just to focus on the perceived bad calls against your team rather then the good ones. If you are in the stand in Croke Pk, there is no way you can see as much as the ref is seeing, so just because you can’t see the foul, it doesn’t mean it hasn’t happened. Loads of times I was sure the ref was wrong and then went home to see it on TV and realise he was right.

In many years of going to games I think I have only ever seen one biased ref in my life (Slaughtneil V Vincents 2016). I have seen a few mistakes, but other then that instance, never bias.


Very good.


Kick outs were encouraging and smart, I was thinking around Christmas that Howard would get a good run in the league and we might see him prepped for the 2019 Championship with just an appearance or 2 in 2018 Champo but my Jasus he’s been unreal, I can’t even say that’s it’s a headache for Gavin because he must be nailed on to start without question if this stays consistent. One issue for me is that McCarthy needs to go back in the middle, have heard some different views on this but for me its a biggest part that’s needs changing


I think you’d have to start Fento and MDMA on current form. That would be my 8 & 9 next Sunday.


To be fair, under their jersey they are wearing a belt for the radio system and a GPS vest too, that doesn’t help with the appearance