2018 NFL: Round 7 - Dublin v Monaghan, Sunday March 25th, Croke Park, 3pm (Deferred TG4)


Lads they were finding that man out in the Cusack Stand even before Philly was sent off … and we didn’t deal with it.


A lot of wishful thinking in there!


I don’t think he would be hurling to be honest, he’s not at that standard.


I reckon we have given up 2 clear goal chances in every league game to date. As a team we need to defend better . Defeat no harm if it helps sharpen us up.


Only thing I’d take from that game is that Comerford looks up to it. Will give Costello and McHugh a pass on the grounds of lack of match practice. Disappointing to lose but might prove a sharpener for next Sunday.


I’d be mightily relieved if that’s the case. I’m fearful we’ll never see him in a blue shirt again.


Oh I think we will … but he may be on the Hill …


Wish anybody who knows WTF is going on with Connolly would let the rest of us know :grin::grin:


I was a good bit away from the action with Philly but if he was doing what he looked like he was doing he could be done. It looked something similar to a neck roll to me similar to the rugby type


PM Rochey


He knows about as much as i do


He’s a handy enough hurler…I’m sure he’d be up to bring over run by 14 man Tipperary


Perhaps there is no great conspiracy. Perhaps Jim is making sure all his big guns will be ready for super 8s on. Once Leinster is won it’s 5 matches to win sam. Be a test of everyone’s squad . From July on is when you need everyone ready.


The connolly thing appears to be a disaster. You’d think we weren’t three in a row champions and still on a mission the way that situation is unfolding


is flynner f**ked off the team too? haven’t heard dicky there either?


Flynner had an operation recently. He won’t be available for another couple of weeks.


If being ready is not playing any matches, Connolly will be flying.
There’s optimism and then there’s clutching at straws.

Dead rubber half paced match today…week out from final.
Hard to see why Connolly wouldn’t feature unless…


Didn’t hurt him last year . And if we ended up with the same outcome I’d be only too happy.


he had the A vs B in house games last year so lack of official matches during suspension was irrelevant.


Why have your thoroughbred slogging through mud patches in Omagh and castlebar ( I know he came on for last 15 ) . Let’s face it a dead rubber v Monaghan is hardly a challenge for Connolly. He s a big game player and that’s what motivates him. He rarely looks too bothered in the league over the years imo. He did nt do too shabby last year in the final after missing most of the campaign did he.