2018 NFL: Round 7 - Dublin v Monaghan, Sunday March 25th, Croke Park, 3pm (Deferred TG4)


So what’s the verdict on Comerford ?
We in safe hands . Thought he was good today .
The thoughts of him pinging balls out to Fenton in years to come inspires confidence . I was too far away , but was he out of position for the second goal ? Had a smack of keV MC '13 about it , I was sickened . Guess that’s how Kerry must have felt :laughing:


Monaghan were probably the better team today hit a lot of wides, me thinks Kevin Mc has lost that bust of pace we all love, Comerford looks like the heir to Stephen, his kicks outs were quick and usually found his man. Will be interesting to see how Jim will treat the final. Geough is a …anker 4 mins extra time called, Monaghan score a lead point, and blows up on the kick out, most refs give the opposition one last chance, but not the lovely David. Philly was assualted while on the ground Hughes only gets a yellow, Dean is pulled to the ground twice within seconds, linesman did SFA.


Can’t reach any verdict on a follow up to Cluxton until you see them in July/August.
That’s the difference between Cluxton against anyone now or before.

Nobody who has come close to the absolute belief in his kicks that it’s down and gone , regardless of the distractions, that few seconds quicker than anyone else…vital seconds backed up by vital accuracy. On top of that, if the very odd one goes wrong, no self doubt, no change of approach.

Ps I thought first goal today, Comerford could have spread himself better.


Who’s Dermot?


Gas , complete contrast to us in years past when Dublin Joe gave Mayo every opportunity to get an equaliser , Deegan too .
This is exact scenario we do not want to be on the wrong side of at crunch time . We are usually the ones kicking the winning point in added time or there abouts.


Complete claptrap… referee decision on any matter regarding time is final, signalled 4 allowed 4+. you are clutching at straws. communicates effectively with players, explains decisions, players accept, rarely out of position, one of the best in the country,


I give keepers the benefit of the doubt in these situations. It’s the second goal I’m wondering about . I don’t normally watch tsg , may watch for this .


It’s his ‘Bank’ name …


yes 4 mins were called, how many times is that enforced, virtually all games exceed the allotted time, anyway we move on.


I normally like Gough but thought he had a shocker today. The Monaghan black card too was crazy. But I have absolutely no problem with the time played.


the agenda to stop dublin winning is really starting to take hold. the unofficial rules for refs who want to get another game are something like this:

  1. anything even close to 50:50 goes to the other team,
  2. if you value your career, do not see any assaults on DC,
  3. if you miss a chance to send DC off when he pushes keegan after 50 kicks/chokes/slaps/etc dont show up at croker again,
  4. dont mind that cluxton fella, he’s always whining and those young fellas from kerrra wouldn’t be kicking his balls away anyway,
  5. it’ll probably be tight anyway even if you do all the above cos them f**kin dubs are fierce good so work the injury time out whatever way you have to but dont make a balls out of it like your man last year, no frees for them dubs, ya hear??
  6. remember to try and go back to reffin fair and square in 2019 once we stop them doing 4 in a row cos we’ll be able to say they don’t win all the time then and we need/want the few bob from all the soccer gobshites that have latched on over the last few years.


It’s enforced on every occasion, I cannot recall any incident since the introduction of the electronic board and PA announcement of a referee not passing on the stated additional time.
You made an insulting comment about the referee calling him a W***** which I’m calling you out on it, Can’t “move on” with that type of attitude


Seem to recall the ref. ran over the alloted extra time at the end of the Galway game last week.


For the Galway equaliser point …now , now .
Can’t have that talk around here :wink:


Balls , if Fitzy hadn’t gone down in the tackle McCarron probably points that .


you cant be serious as a tennis player was once know to shout at officials.


No I don’t think he overplayed the extra time to facilitate Galways equalising point (though that was the outcome), he would say himself it was more for the flow of the game and you can’t be expecting him to see everything, although he used exceptional vision, possibly divine to turn O Garas mark into a Galway free. It’s accepted in our game that selective vision should be no barr to officiating,


I hope these (largely unnecessary) black and yellow cards don’t come back to bite us later in the year.


Struggled to keep up with play at times today, looks like he could lose a few lbs.


This tinfoil hat stuff has to stop, thinking there’s an official conspiracy against Dublin is nuts, and an embarrassment.

We mightn’t always get the breaks but that’s probably due to us being in the lead and the unconscious bias towards the team that’s behind kicking in. Some refs are terrible - inconsistent in and across games, or poor judgement. McQuillan last week let stuff slide then clamps down, instead of setting a good consistent proactive tone early on. Gough l think is consistent, if a little strict.

Everybody complains about the ref. Everybody.