2018 NFL: Round 7 - Dublin v Monaghan, Sunday March 25th, Croke Park, 3pm (Deferred TG4)


It’s not as easy as it looks I suppose. I know it’s hard to make a mark with limited game time but against a decent side today a few of our fringe players were found seriously wanting. There were 5/6 performances today that would not fill you full of hope should those lads be called on in the Summer if the chips were down. Hopefully we’ve had our fill of injuries.

On the long term plus side we will have Cian, Con, Jack & Flynner back - on the next Sunday plus side we should see Clucko, Jonny, Kilkenny and maybe Mannion.


Theres a few angles you could look at this . Now , thankfully we’ve won the last five AI finals we’ve been involved in with this great , great , generation of players . So , we haven’t had much to grumble about because technically a refs decision hasn’t cost us a big game…
But , there are plenty of examples where it MIGHT have .
Connollys red card against Donegal in '11 , overturned .He was instrumental in keeping possession in the final before laying it off to keV to win THAT free .
Connolly DRA decision went his way in '15 when on review when it was adjudged Keegan was just as much in the wrong but DC got sent off ( poetic licence here by me , open to correction )
DC last summer , needs no more debate or discussion .

Theres 3 potential big decisions which definetly would have impacted our chances of progressing / winning those years finals . Yes , I’m saying we don’t win these games without DC .

We have most certainly gotton the rub of the green in alot of games . Ask anyone from mayo , maybe @mayoman & I’m sure he could offer a different perspective on the games between us & how mayo didn’t get the calls which favoured us .
But I’m looking at from a Dublin point of view . So yes , I’m been biased here to make a point , maybe not valid to some , but I find it valid .

In the '16 final replay Deegan clearly played on to give mayo and opportunity to equalise . And I’ve no doubt last year had Clarke not kicked it over the line Dublin Joe would have played on to give them opportunity to equalise too . Even when we were faffing about with ball the time had elapsed , and we could have had a turnover .

I keep having this nagging feeling this might be our Seamus Darby year IF we get to the final . If we are in a situation like what happened today , it will be curtains for us .


Actually we ve won the last 6 all Ireland(replays aside)finals we have been involved in…just saying


I referenced this generation of players .


So you did and jaysus yer quick off the mark


McManus would start on any team in Ireland, he is one of the best ever.

But that Fenton over hit was a really bad option to take. Even if it wasn’t over hit it was still a 50/50. That lost us the game. But as you say, hopefully he learns from it.

Everyone did ok’ish I thought. It didn’t all go Costello’s way, but a couple of times he could have made a big break through. Paddy Small looked very assured when he was on. Murchan made a couple of mini breaks that looked interesting for the future.


Had to laugh , I think he was the guy trying to jump up & stop McCarrons goal , the smallest guy on the pitch I’d say :grin:


That pass to Scully was different gravy


I have a photo of Murchan outside a certain local establishment with a big portion of the current panel. He looks like a Lilliputian, but being honest, having seen him play, he is lighting quick and incredibly skilful. A real class act. I’m just afraid his size will prevent him making it. Hope I’m wrong.

Saw more today that convinces me we have a ready made replacement for Flynner’s retirement when he sees fit to do so. Brian Howard is it. Needs to bulk a bit more, but he’s the real deal.

Same again with Evan Comerford, another quality display today. As much as I love Clucko, his replacement is waiting to go. I hope we have Stevo for some time, but I’m not worried by a decision he may make soon.

We are in good shape now, and in the future. Up the Dubs.


Badly miss COS and don’t have much cover for the fullback line.


I think I read that that was Monaghan’s first ever competitive victory over Dublin, and bear in mind too that for many there is an air of invincibility about this Dublin team. I think the response of the Monaghan players at the final whistle reflected the true context of the match, but nevertheless it was a landmark victory for them.


Monaghan beat Dublin in 97 in league. Mickey Whelan resigned after that game


That ‘famous’ headline is an absolute joke!!


Fair play to them and it certainly got Permatan Flynn very excited. But we had 17 points to spare in the 2014 QF and 10 last year and if the teams are to meet in the Championship this Summer I’d be looking more at the double point spread than a Monaghan win.


I think Monaghan beat Dublin around 2005 or 2006 in the league, also. I remember a former Monaghan work colleague excitedly awaiting me to arrive into work on the morning after.
Maybe it was Monaghan’s first win over Dublin in Croke Park?


First time beating us in Dublin. There won’t be a mushroom picked all week.


He’s the smallest guy in the league probably, but he is a great bit of stuff.


I know you would be a bit biased :grinning:, but you are right, that was a superb display from Comerford.

I think his kickouts were 100%, but a good proportion achieved some penetration too and weren’t just to a player with 15 Monaghan men still behind him. That was his best display since u21 final last year, which was superb.

I think Murchan is fabulous. Maybe / probably the height will go against him, but it shouldn’t take from the fact that he is a really really good footballer.

Howard has it all. I would think he is a definite starter on the championship team now. He wins a lot of kickouts too (for and against). He is nearly the total package.


His movement for kickouts is the best I’ve ever seen. Was watching him closely yesterday and every kickout he came from nowhere and within seconds was in oceans of space on the wing. His point was glorious too


His two points!