2018 NHL1B Round 1 - Dublin v Offaly: Croke Park, Saturday, January 27, 5pm - Eir Sport 2


As an aside was Mark Schutte on the Dublin football panel last night anyone know?


Concentrating on Club hurling I’d imagine.


Brain fart from me. I suppose I was trying to find out if he’s playing county football or hurling this year


He is letting lads get over any lingering knocks which they might have, rather then trying to patch them up game to game. Good in the long run but leaves selection options restricted for now.

If you look at lads on the football Panel like Basquel getting a chance (been around the panel for awhile) alongside a seasoned FF line of Rock and Brogan. Whereas we have a FF lines of new or newish players all finding heir feet together. Makes it tougher. Remember when Rock made his debut he looked well off the pace.


Despite the claims of many on here, we didn’t play a designated sweeper last night. Half backs didn’t always follow their man when they dropped deep but that’s not the same thing (and there didn’t seem to any great plan or method behind the decisions to follow or not), when Offaly had their six forwards up, we had no spare man in defence.

For all that there were undoubtedly some poor performances and individual mistakes made in defence, in systematic terms it was the complete inability of our forwards to win their own ball that was our biggest problem. True, the ball into them wasn’t always great but that’s how it is in Senior Intercounty Hurling and you’ve got to compete for ball to a much better level than we were last night. To compound matters, once the initial ball was lost, too often our forwards let their men clear ball under no real pressure, ball was literally coming straight back into us whenever cleared. For a management regime of whom workrate is expected to be a given, that was disappointing.

Not going to panic yet. Obviously we can field a much stronger 15 than that. Promotion is gone already however and I wouldn’t be bullish heading to Dunloy with a similar line up to that. Lose that and we’re in a real relegation battle which is needless and perfectly avoidable.


Last night had a context of some sort, we just don’t know what that context was. If Dillon, Keaney and McMorrow went on at half time we would have won it, but it seems that wasn’t the priority. Lads like O Donnell and Sutcliffe are hurling away, and they weren’t even on the panel. It sort of reminds me of the football league final we lost under Gilroy to Cork where he put on a few unseasoned lads in the second half and they didn’t really perform and we lost the game (and a few of them were never really seen again). It seems he is prepared to lose matches to see who can do it and who can’t. Or that is my assumption anyway…

You can’t take lads straight from club hurling and put them out against guys who have done inter-county conditioning for a few years. You can maybe squeeze in 1 or 2, but not 8 or 9. There is sort of a grey area here on what is fair on supporters, if winning isn’t the priority and they don’t know that - but if it works out in the long run, it is probably ok.

From the new guys on that team, he has probably found Connolly as a genuine option, maybe Smith who did ok last night. I am not sure about anyone else. McBride did well enough last night, but not as a centre half back - that was a genuinely weird placement, like a lot of others, I didn’t think he would play there in the end, but he did.

Now, I know people are going to disagree with me on this, and I also know I must be wrong because two senior county managers and an U21 manager obviously see it otherwise. But from I have seen Burke isn’t ready for this yet. He was a superb minor, and he is going to be very good. But he just doesn’t seem to have the power or the pace yet. He is fine on a loose ball, and he will catch the odd decent ball, but he will only win one in 5 he contests at half forward. Even in the U21 game last year I thought he lacked enough power / aggression to make a difference. I guess he is showing it in training games, and he shows flashes in normal games, but for me he isn’t ready yet - or maybe he just isn’t coming into it mentally ready to really go at it. Whitely wouldn’t be as good a hurler, but is much more effective.

The full forward line was a right-off last night. They took off FORB very early, which I thought was tough on him as any of the three could have went off. I don’t think any ball actually stuck in there until Dillon went on. But again, I guess the plan was to see what guys can do and what they can’t.

Promotion is gone now as an option, which is a bit disappointing from a supporters point of view. But that team was so obviously a trial type team I wouldn’t be getting too discouraged by anything yet (however, it also has to be noted that it is a very consistent trial team based on all the game played so far). Just because I don’t really understand what is going on entirely, doesn’t mean it is wrong.

I think there is maybe only a maximum of 5 on that starting team that will be on the championship starting team.


Was very disappointing alright. Offaly in a not dissimilar position to ourselves but at least seem to have a game plan. They picked off some great scores from far out and have real quality in Kinsella and Currams.

Our failings have been well documented here - absence of a FF line, poor ball into forwards, getting horsed off balls, not winning our own possession - very basic things unfortunately. I would not bemoan us not getting up to 1A because on the showing we are a very long way off that level.


I’ve no issue with trying things & players out but it’s very tough to learn the ropes when you’re in a team full of lads still learning the ropes.


You think? :thinking:


Not sure - but I think it is possible. Dillon especially changed things a lot. In the centerfield area we were turning over heaps of ball just because of poor touch, McMorrow rarely does that. And Keaney just bought an aggression that had been missing.


No not listed on subs anyway!


I agree, but I suspect that Gilroy thought he had bought them all on enough with the winter training and all the games they had played. I guess he knows a bit better now and that will probably inform his thinking going forward. However, most of the games played this year ended badly, we were ok until half time and then it went off the rails a bit, so I am not sure why he thought yesterday would have been any different.

But it is one competitive game into the whole thing, so any judgement would be just ridiculous. None of us really, and especially me, know what the strategy here is.


A major problem last night was when we won ball out along the wings and went by marker we had absolutely no movement inside. Nobody looking to look for a pass! Dillon and Hedgo tried to improve matters but it was to little to late!


I agree re the sweeper thing. I also agree on the work rate thing. What was so evident in the Walsh Cup seemed totally missing yesterday. I guess we need to know what type of training they are doing though as that may play into how active they can be around the pitch.

What concerns me a little though is how much emphasis is being put on these 15 or 20 players. With the best will in the world, these aren’t the best guys we have (well maybe 5 of them would be on the first team). But if the whole of the Walsh Cup and some of the league is being spent developing guys who won’t be on the team when it matters, it seems a little like time wasted.

But… it could also be the sign of very confident management team who know they have the top guys and are using this time to gain 4 or 5 other players.

The full forward line just did not work at all. It is rare to see a whole line shut down so completely. All three were changed eventually. But, I think they were given a chance to succeed or fail (well maybe less so with FORB who went early enough), so at least Gilroy knows now.


McMorrow was poor and that’s being very generous to him.


Antrim leading Galway by 2 with 10 mins left :roll_eyes:


By 3 now but it’s only the first half



I was following that too but it’s wrong - it is the second half. Apologies to @Lentini


Jesus. We probably don’t want Antrim to win?