2018 NHL1B Round 1 - Dublin v Offaly: Croke Park, Saturday, January 27, 5pm - Eir Sport 2


Plenty of sense in what your saying. But the whole area of black card needs to be addressed. We can talk all day about what is and isn’t a black card But getting the referees to be consistent is different matter. And sadly that consistency may be in the same game!


I don’t know if you were watching the same game as the rest of us but there was basically no decent ball at all was put in to them in the first half yet all the frontline was changed before the real problem was addressed, those meant to win the ball and put in to them where they actually had some chance of winning it, not playing it in one direction when they had already made a run the other way !


That’s true, there was instances of outfield players hitting the ball towards where they thought the forward should be, rather then where he actually was. But, there were a few that were winnable, and I don’t think any ball was won. I am not saying the full forward line was worse then any other line, they were all beat except maybe the half back line, but it is more important for the full forward line to at least break even then it is for any other line. If it at least isn’t getting 50% of the ball, you are not going to win, and we were getting 0%.


I don’t think it is burn out per se with Burke, I just think he was a good underage player because he is a very good hurler. But he has no particular physical advantages that would help him become a good senior ahead of time. He isn’t particularly fast or strong, and he isn’t hugely aggressive. I think he will be fine when his body matures, but for now I don’t think he should be playing senior county. Maybe though, come summer time he will be a bit stronger and the ground will suit him better. Bennett was actually a better bet I thought, because he is strong and he is aggressive.


Bennett is a huge loss, that’s for sure, a real natural forward.


I was looking for an old post there on the Pat Gilroy thread - maybe from @Iomaint outlining the potential options for each position, but I can’t find it. But I think that would illustrate how far off the final 15 we were on Saturday. Of that team that started, I would expect Nolan, Barrett, Crummy and maybe Burke to start in a first 15 situation. Maybe Connolly has done enough, maybe McCaffery and more likely Whitely. But coming in we will have Rushe, Dillon, McMorrow, Cian Boland, Sutcliffe, Conroy, O Sullivan (our best young lad of that age), Rian Mc Bride (best of last years U21), Keaney, Moran, Treacy, Cronin, O Donnell. So in effect, trying to judge the state of Dublin hurling, or the state of the management on that game is akin to judging Dublin hurling by watching Westmeath play.

I don’t understand why they went with that team. I assume it is in attempt to find 2 or 3 players, rather then an attempt to find a new team. I can only assume too that they are being ultra cautious in bringing guys back. But just because I don’t fully understand, it doesn’t mean it’s wrong.


Think OCarroll was bit unlucky. Couldn’t deny it was penalty but Offaly forward appeared to pull his arm into him and then fall over. Naive from Bill rather than deliberate attempt to drag player down. That was possibly the most inexperienced full back line ever to line out for Dublin. Another overly optimistic decision by Pat Gilroy around yesterday’s game!


I missed that at the time


I thought he definitely pulled him in, and I also thought he had taken the world of steps before he got there.

As regards being overly optimistic. We don’t actually know how optimistic Gilroy was or what he wanted out of the game. He might have expected a loss, or at least not been surprised by it. That team, and it has been reasonably consistent, even though there is mention of a lot of players being tried, has been badly beaten by Waterford and Tipp in challenge games. I suspect, that is probably the players he has fit and ready now and he just isn’t prepared to rush in anymore until they are at a proper fitness level.

But I just don’t know (he could equally have expected to win it), but like others here, I said before the game that it was a high risk team and I am not at all surprised they were beaten, so I doubt he was either.


Actually think it was unfair on the 3 lads to put them out together. They badly needed a bit of experience around them particularly as the whole team struggled defensively.

Who knows what Pat was expecting but I doubt it was a 13 point hiding at home.


Probably not right enough


Who are our best players that can be picked and go 75-80 minutes of championship?


C. O’Callaghan
E. O’Donnell
P. Schutte
S. Barrett
S. Moran (assuming he brings club form into county)
our back line will surely be 6 of those 7, with some other options as backup
that leaves 8 spots at MF and forwards

who else?
those 4 (assuming Cronin comes in and that Sutcliffe gets back to close to his level) are definitely going to be in the 8. Not to say they don’t have flaws but I can’t see them not being in the 8 best.

add in M Schutte if he comes back from football - and even then if he can regain the form of 2/3 years ago and start getting that ball to stick in his paw

But then you are looking at some mix of older lads (who by now are getting pretty old …) and young lads to be brought into action bit by bit but not there yet. Some getting close though

Still need a natural midfielder and another serious ballwinner beside Cronin
You can see why they kept trying Rushe up front, especially since Crumney would slot in CB no problem. But that’s not going to work.

Badly need another 3-5 players to really fill that gap in the team

Treacy, maybe
Kelly at close to what he was would be a huge addition

Apologies if I’m missing anyone obvious…


Cian Boland, Conroy and the other McBride are three more I would expect to be in or around the 15 if fully fit.


Simply going on who was listed on the subs bench last night! Did Gilroy have much options open to him? Come the summer there is no way that full back line will start.


Joey Boland and young Malone from Cuala could make the cut at midfield. Think Winters and Hedgo in with a good shout among the forwards also.


Malone looks big and strong these days, bit of pace as well. Shane Durkin, Paul Ryan have something to offer.

Daire Grey & Mahon deserve a chance during the league as well. Cian O’sullivan fit would be helpful, as would doderil if he’s still Knocking about the panel?


Last j heard about boland was he was hoping to have sorted the injury for once and for all (operation( and was hoping to grg fit for his college team - did he make it?


Plenty of options there alright. Pity about the heavy defeat last night. Puts a bit more pressure on us now. Might have a bearing on management trying things out especially if we end up playing a winner takes all in our last two league games. We need to look to chalk up big scores v Antrim and Laois. No chance of doing that against either Limerick or Galway.


True, but hearing Limerick are missing as many lads as we are.


I wouldn’t be surprised if he keeps looking at things now for the league, can’t see us losing a relegation play off and then hurling championship Is round robin to slot in the Cuala lads.

Not confirmed that Cronin, Sean Tracy or Mark schutte will hurl for Dublin this year. But even without them o’callaghan, Moran, p. Schutte, Malone, o’connell and David Tracy give us more options.