2018 NHL1B Round 1 - Dublin v Offaly: Croke Park, Saturday, January 27, 5pm - Eir Sport 2


Agree. Even the warm up drills made painful viewing. I heard Anthony Cunningham was shocked at the general level of ball control and pick up skills in the panel, and not in a good way. I’m told that’s been the main focus area to date, not that it showed on Saturday.


Jaysus. the basics huh. and him a football man. :yum:


Wont name any names but it a player had to turn around 3 times back onto his stronger side to hit the ball

Painful viewing

Although i still think come summer it will be a lot different


Do his close friends get to call him TC? :wink:

If fairness I thought he started well and made himself an option on puck outs. He made a mess of one which I think cost us a score and that seemed to badly affect his confidence.


Well I don’t think there is sight nor sound of him. I’ll happily be corrected


I saw that interview too, I took it from what he said that he hopes to hurl with Dublin fairly quickly (if selected of course). Boland is class, he was on U21 team of the year (nationally) when he was U20.

Guys do recover from injuries, there seems to be a bit of a tendency to write guys off if they miss a year or so with injuries, but with the right rehab they should come back at least as good as before.

I would have a bit more faith that the team around Gilroy will be better at getting guys back then under the previous incumbent.


Ah no i agree he could come back but he needs to be back sooner then later to stake a claim this year, it’s not like he was an established starter before he got injured.


I thought he did well enough too. One of our better players. Not saying he was fantastic or anything, but better then a lot of others.

Generally on the team that played, and I think we have to be very specific about that, because that isn’t the Dublin team that will play later in the year - I saw it as follows

Nolan - I thought he was good, one good save and the puck outs were all good. It’s not his fault if guys mis-control them.

Full Back line - It was hard to tell really, they were under the cosh for a lot of it and were just firefighting. There was no great commanding presence in there though, but once or twice both corner men did come out with the ball and get good clearances.

Half Back Line - probably the only place where we had some success. Barrett and Crummy showed why they might be the only two from the outfield players to be on the ‘real’ team. McBride did well I thought, but just not as a number 6. He had nice control and decent aggression, but didn’t know where to go really under the high ball. He misjudged one when he was standing on his own, which is sort of difficult to do…

Midfield - not terrible. I thought they both had a decent first half but faded. Someone contradicted me in a previous post when I said McMorrow did well so I went back and had a look. I still hold to my original opinion, I thought he made a real difference. He made two bad mistakes, miscontrolling one ball and turning his back on a pass from a sideline - but he wasn’t long on at that stage and was just getting to the pace of it. But apart from that, I thought he did well.

Half Forwards - hmmm, not great. Smith went to midfield for a while and did ok (ish), Whitely won a bit of ball and was aggressive, but I would be worried about his skill level over all. He looks awkward and the touch lets him down sometimes. But maybe later in the year will suit him better. Burke was very quiet. In the second half I counted he touched the ball four times, once was a good catch, but the other three were loose balls that he just got hold of and passed to someone else. To me he looks too light yet for this level and doesn’t have the speed to compensate.

Full forward line - Not good at all really. I was corrected earlier when I commented on this by someone saying that the ball into them was crap, and it was, so maybe it is unfair to judge them. But Dillon made a difference when he came on. Hedgo made a big difference too I thought. I think the guy is very good, but I wouldn’t have been one pushing for his inclusion at this level - but I thought he looked a lot trimmer then before and he had one rocket of a shot from well out the field, and that is something no other Dublin player has in his locker (I mean of the players that played on Saturday).

I don’t think it is, but if this is the basis of the team, we are in the s***e. But in reality I don’t think any more then four of them, five at a push will be playing championship this year. It does beg the question where is everyone else though. Fair enough, we don’t have the Cuala lads. But why is Dillon and McMorrow not starting? You would assume they are behind in the pre-season stuff and that is why, but again why are they behind. Sutcliffe is back since Gilroy took over, you would think that is long enough to get fit, but he wasn’t against Wexford (having said that, a half fit Sutcliffe would still have improved Saturdays team).

Why have we such long term injuries, Kelly, Boland, Conroy and a few more that have been mentioned above. I know Kelly had a horrific injury and I know Boland’s thing can be long term - but mother of god, you could grow new limbs in the time they have been out!

Why isn’t O Donnell available or played a game yet? He is playing college. How far away can Rushe be, that it is preferable to play a guy at centre back who rarely if ever plays there.

Paul Ryan is back also isn’t he? How unfit can he be that he hasn’t played anything yet? Is he also injured? Even on one leg he would have added something on Saturday night.

Why is there so much focus on the 2016 minors (O Sullivan, Burke, Whitely, Smith)? When there are guys who performed well at u21 in the last two years still untapped. For example, is Riain McBride injured or something? He was our best u21 against Kilkenny and he was our best minor on the team that included O Callaghan, Barrett etc. Yet he seems to get very little of a chance.

I am actually sure there are good answers to most if not all of these questions, management didn’t put out a weakened team because they felt like it. I also know it isn’t Gilroy’s first priority to keep us all informed of every thing that happens. But some information on what the plan is would be good to know.

Edit - Jesus, that’s long (sorry) :blush:


Great summary @Wifi

A lot of these guys can and will do better. Just not all thrown in together against a team which seemed a lot more fired up then we did. Some of them looked jaded. Insert excuse c here.


Riain McBride must eb barely able to walk at the moment as theres one thing sure no Vincents player has been neglected in opportunity.

and I agree he is a good bit ahead of plenty listed, a player i rate highly


Playing for the college as far as I know. Might be carrying a small knock and pat wants him to recover. That’s what he said he’d do anyhoo. Also said some of the lads just back were weeks behind the others and could be 4 weeks till they were match fit. He might be revising that schedule after Saturday.


I agree they are getting their chance right enough, but having said that they probably all deserve a shot at it anyway - but I would have had Riain as the best of them, but he seems to be getting the least game time. But… there might be injury issues or something.


Gilroy was quite good on that when he was managing the footballers IIRC. Although maybe time has moved on as regards that ‘freedom of information’. Certainly not the norm in IC football or hurling now, from what I can see.

I get where you’re coming from though. I think we’re all eager to understand the thinking behind the 15 that started on Saturday & what we’re likely to see v Antrim.


May very well be case where management are actually uncertain about time frame for injured players fully recovering! No point putting unnecessary pressure on lads by saying they are a week away from getting back when perhaps they need two weeks.


There is…He only came back in January. First game was against Waterford and played for DCU during the week. Hetherton broke his thumb and had an operation on it today.


I’m assuming anyone we haven’t seen yet, who we’d expect to see, falls into the ‘letting them get over injury’ category.


There’s no way R McBride can be judged on his performance the last day. 3 games in something like a week is ludicrous don’t care what stage of the season it is. Releasing a player for college games the week of a county game is silly. Club championship is held up for county lads but Fitzgibbon must go on


He didn’t play Saturday @Sam_11.


You’re mixing him up with his older brother Cian who played centre back on Saturday. Rian hasn’t played a competitive game this year for Dublin yet.


FORB played two Fitz games.