2018 NHL1B Round 1 - Dublin v Offaly: Croke Park, Saturday, January 27, 5pm - Eir Sport 2


So did Burke & Whitley I think.

O’Donnell & McBride seem to be playing college but not for Dublin, assuming they must be carrying niggles which gilroy wants to rest, but college teams are willing to play them through.


Offaly have College lads aswell you know…


…, yea, said as much above


I like Michael D and Offaly hurling but the narrative that this was a shock is … shocking.


Tears in his eyes? I know it was cold and windy alright.


Ah so I am. I need to start paying more attention round here.
Replace his name with Whitely and my point stands maybe.


if they are on scholarships they might not be getting much choice, especially if they’re in the ‘could do with time to get over it’ category


Exactly what’s happening I suspect. But would explain why Gilroy is leaving them off.


Only just managed to watch the game in full there.

Very average men against very average boys

Probably be a hard statistic to gather but I wonder what our success rate for pick ups was, we literally could get the ball up.



ah ill forgive duignan for that, i work with one of the minor selectors and i know full well how low an ebb things ahve been for them up the road from me. I remember our hurlers beating Cork in the league in 1997 (??) and the joy I got and the shock from cork lads I knew at the time.

What was more interesting was Duignan’s observation on Game On last night that the Waterford Huirlers were out training on Christmas Day. Also, Limerick are apparently bollixed already from training and matches. That suggests to em they were out Christmas day as well. I would tell any trainer to take a hike at that, and if i was off the panel then so be it. That isnt a hobby/pastime anymore that is stupidity.


But is there any point in leaving them off if they aren’t actually being rested elsewhere? I guess, but it’s only a guess, they have added up the workload everyone has across colleges and county and pick according to the load they reckon each guy can take based on fitness level / injuries.

But I would never get excited about guys playing a lot of games. You would expect most county teams to be training at least 3 times a week, and probably heavily enough at this time of year. A game is probably an easier run out then training. We just know about the games, we don’t know about the training.

This is sort of interesting http://www.hoganstand.com/Article/Index/280551

I like the fact that he isn’t saying it happened because we were short lads etc. That would be a bit of a cop out (even though it’s true). I don’t particularly like the fact that it seems to have been a bit of a surprise. Maybe the size of the defeat was a surprise, but I (along with others here) was doubtful enough that team could win. I am happy enough if he is playing that team to find 3 or 4 players, I would be very worried if he thinks that could be the team. Apart from anything else, it would take 3 years to get them up to the conditioning level required.


Couldn’t agree more. Offaly were only slight better at picking it up than us. We also blindly delivered balls into the forwards on numerous occasions. The good aul diagonal ball into space without even looking up went to a free Offaly man more than once. High lobbing balls in on top of our forwards that are a defenders dream. Offaly weren’t much better but their work rate was a level or two above ours. They had one or two flashes of forward play too that was impressive which we didn’t have.

Cork and Kilkenny would have annihilated either of us based on what I seen from their game and they both have a few gears to step up as the campaign goes on. That would not have been pretty to say the least if we were up against a div 1 side


The general standard of that game reminded me of the Boston thing. I know it wasn’t ‘real’ hurling, but I still thought Dublin were really poor on the day as regards skill level. If you can’t hand pass to both sides at speed, or hit the ball off your weak side without altering your steps, you are not county standard. I wouldn’t worry so much about picking the ball, or controlling it, that will come with the warmer months and plenty of hurling - but the other stuff is more basic technique and it has to be right.

I wouldn’t be overly concerned because in most of the cases they are not the first teamers. Where it does worry me a bit is that the young lads we seem to be basing a lot on seem awkward to me.