2018 NHL1B Round 1 - Dublin v Offaly: Croke Park, Saturday, January 27, 5pm - Eir Sport 2


I was joking…


More research then the media can be bothered with.


Cian McBride @ 6 is a mad selection.

Will the game be easy to stream for those of us on the other side of the planet?


Also interested in the answer to this. I’m on a flight so a download link Sunday morning would be great :wink:


If you google “premier sports cricfree” you generally get a half decent illegal stream. Need to have your adblock on though to stop all the pop ups if you’re on a laptop. You might even be able to get an eir stream on cricfree too


Mentioned b4 but there is v good streaming site … edigitalplace.com … it’s very reasonable price … think 60 US dollar a year n u get access live to every station known including pay for view …even has TG4 …


I suspect what Gilroy is doing is getting maybe 30 players in real competition for places and then letting them fight it out. Under Daly (and let’s just pretend the intervening 3 years never happened) there probably wasn’t enough competition.

With the footballers, when Gilroy was in charge, there was no great master plan I thought. Every guy was given a chance and he picked the ones who performed the best (in his opinion). When we get guys coming back in (Rushe, McMorrow, Sutcliffe, O Donnell, Cuala lads), they will have to fight for their place a little bit. Which is healthy. This is high enough risk stuff, but I suspect the fact that we play Limerick and Galway later plays into this. Today isn’t a foregone conclusion at all with this team, but if it works out, it will be good.


Is this match on the wireless? Midlands 103 playing you can call me al so might be struggling




6 -3 to Offaly


Our fullback line suspect under a high ball. They are not far off a goal.


Is there a big wind?
3 points in 18 minutes?


7-4 offaly


Under a blood red sky


8-5 offaly


9-6 offaly


Great pic that !


Paul winters goal
1-6 to 10


Connolly needs to stop turning onto his favoured side!


1-7 to 13. Offaly look at this stage like they will win. Early doors obviously