2018 NHL1B Round 1 - Dublin v Offaly: Croke Park, Saturday, January 27, 5pm - Eir Sport 2


Big wind but the goal is disguising a poor performance.


1-7 to 15


We’re all over the place here. Offaly much the better team so far. Our touch, sharpness decision making way off. Maybe we need a few more early morning training sessions!


Am I imagining it or are they bigger than us all over the pitch? We are winning no fifty fifty ball.


Startled earwigs comes to mind .


Offaly well worth their lead. Much better all over the pitch. Some very sloppy hurling from Dublin


That exact point mentioned by Eir Sports commentary team.

Edit: Barratt & Crummy are comfortably handling the opposition thus far. No prizes for guessing why that is.


16 to 1-8.
Dublin lose this and it will be a rough league


Just in door from work and didn’t expect that half time score line. What’s going wrong here?
I’d imagine we should still push on and win this given the strength of bench also but a worrying first half.


I’m general or just forwards?


O Riain Broin the first example of that already. Lasted, what, 24 mins?


In general. Horsed out of it. Defending is loose and desperate at times…can only get better…hopefully.


0-16 points conceded to Offaly in 35 mins and that’s with a sweeper. Dear God!

Didn’t think things would go further south after last year but looking after that half that we’re now going backwards even quicker. We may turn it around in 2nd half but that first half was just dreadful.


In general. Not winning enough puckouts and Offaly taking some fine scores out the field. No point in bringing Trollier on and not letting the ball into him in a two man FF line


It’s like we have a preplaned set of play and are sticking to it no matter what. Offaly are well worth their lead.


I may sound off my head but a perfect game for Keaney to be thrown in full forward in a 3 man full forward line


A perfect game to stop the sweeper shite.


Plus points.

Nolan save, Crummy point, Crummy (I think) horsing an Offaly lad out over the sideline.

I sound old school. Yis may just deal with it :grimacing:


Maybe the positive Shite will stop now

16 points with a sweeper

Good god


Goal for Offaly