2018 NHL1B Round 1 - Dublin v Offaly: Croke Park, Saturday, January 27, 5pm - Eir Sport 2


Best Offaly team in a decade. Physically strong and moving the ball quick.

the experimental Dublin team was evident. I’ve no problem with experimenting in walsh Cup but losing start in league makes 1A impossible I think.


What was wrong with trying Crummey, Gray and Kelly who actually played and did well in Walsh Cup.


Took Offaly for granted or don’t care about league.


Best Offaly team in a decade? That would not be hard in all fairness to them. We had a choice to pick our best players too. We needed to get back to top table and out of this league. The chances of that are now gone more or less.


Regardless of who is there or not it is still up there with the worst of performances over the last few years in terms of the basics of the game. Handling, striking, first touch were way off Dublin club standard never mind inter county. The amount of space given to Offaly is very questionable especially in scoring positions.

I am all for trying new things and new players etc but if we have lads who have played two colleges games so far this week why not let them rest and give others a go.


2-23 to 1-15


Absolutely abysmal management decisions


What to appoint Gilroy :sunglasses:


Not looking forward to Galway.


New full forward line and all the problems in mid and halves and that stupid bloody sweeper crap


2-24 to 1-15


I know things usually have to get worse before they get better but that was grim.


2-25 to 1-15


Beat laois and antrim and hope Offaly slip up


This is over-simplifying things considerably but maybe there’s more work to be done post-Cunningham to get us road-worthy than we thought?

Our footballers can perform without the club county champions. Our hurlers evidently don’t have that luxury.


I don’t like the sweeper system but the new manager has to try new systems and players but also has to learn from each game
I don’t think the system tonight was right for the team he picked or for the opposition


That’s a pasting. Team trained really hard as well,albeit a lot of newbees first game


Keaney was crap slow and didn’t track his man at all


Yeah from being abysmal for almost a decade they have a good manager bringing the best players in the county together, good attitude and has them in physically good shape. Think a lot of people underestimated them Dublin management included. Got found out really.

Playing with a sweeper and conceding 2-25, wasting possession and leaving way too much space around the halfback line.

Cant just blame missing Cuala contingent the tempo from Dublin was well below Offaly who were playing like it was championship.


Agree. We’re 10-12 players off our best. And Offaly are in a lot better shape than last few years with disastrous management.