2018 NHL1B Round 2 - Dublin v Antrim: Pearse Park, Dunloy, Sunday, Feb 4, 2pm


Have we many to bring in…surely DCU lads to come in? Rushe?

C. Crummy
J. McCaffrey
D. Burke
R. McBride…

Rian to go wandering if he plays that roaming corner forward, leaving a midfielder free, although not sure he should…originally picked them team without Donal Burke and had Rian McBride wing forward but think he should be stuck with… could potential to move the front 6 around…


Not sure the HF line suits Donal. Riain is stronger and more aggressive.


On last weeks team, I don’t think they can. I think every other sideline failed…


Not often I would agree with a full 15 picked by anyone else, but that one is hard to argue with based on who we think is available. The one possible exception is I am not sure about Burke (in the long term I am, but maybe not yet), so if I was to change anything on that team it would be McMorrow into the half forward line for him.

Hedgo appears to be out, otherwise I would consider him instead of Winters. But Winters tried gamely the last day.

Is Currie from Na Fianna very young? On last years U21 team, apart from McBride, he was the only one that put it up to Kilkenny on the night.

Did the 2016 U21 team collectively run over someones dog? For what was probably our most successful u21 team ever, remarkabably few of them seem to be getting a chance, whereas lads who were minors at the time are getting on.

Our injury list, or recovering from injuries, I think is something like this (based mainly on what lads here have said) - is this not extreme? Kelly, Hedgo, Rushe, O Sullivan, Boland (Cian), McBride, Conroy and more I can’t think of off the top of my head.


Don’t think Rushe is ready, or Sutcliffe or ODonnell. Injuries all.


I would worry about it, except, gilroy specifically said he wanted lads to get over any little strains/knocks that they might be carrying. He wants them fully fit rather than having lads patched up from match to match.

Some on the list are playing for their colleges, who obviously need them now, so I suspect if we had championship next up, gilroy would be more inclined to select some of those.


I think Danny suggested in an article this week that he hoped to be ready for Sunday if required. And he is required IMO.


I agree with Gilroy not rushing them back. But I wonder is the amount of injuries down to poor care by the previous management. There seemed to be a suggestion that under Cunningham if you were injured you were very much out of the camp and not involved.


Don’t think he’s that young, The younger Currie is too young. Both promising players and out and out forwards as well.


Watching all of these guys playing club hurling for years, they can all hit sidelines.

It’s another backward step methinks. Who picks up McCaffreys man when he is doing that??? I wouldn’t have it as a tactic or plan.


“Suggested”?? Is it fact?? If not, don’t post it.

I think we should leave the former management be. Most of the rumour and story around them has not been backed up.

Onwards and forward Wifi


I actually didn’t think he did hit them all, I thought Connelly took some, and some of the backs. But I am open to contradiction on that. I did say to someone on Saturday night that it is amazing how many side line pucks end up with the spare man from the other team right enough, but that is true in all games.

I agree that it shouldn’t be one man hitting them, unless he is superb at it.


It was ‘alluded to’ in interviews by former players, specifically in relation to Kelly I remember. I wouldn’t necessarily agree that most of the story line surrounding the former management hasn’t been backed up - I think the main crux of it has been. But I only bring up the former management because of the possible effects it is having on us now. But other then that, I totally agree it is time to leave them behind and onwards and upwards!


One or two lads should by handed this task and just like top free takers in both football and hurling Drill the life out of it.


Remind me, do we usually see the teamsheets on a Thursday or Friday night?


It was Friday last week!


Connolly, McBride and Barrett took most of them in 1st half on the Cusack side.


I thought I saw you shaping up to take one at one stage Liam…


Team out, a few of the elder lemons back. Interesting to see both Keaney and Ryan starting, but no room for Winters

  1. Alan Nolan
  2. Paddy Smyth
  3. Bill O’Carroll
  4. Eoghan O’Donnell
  5. Shane Barrett
  6. Chris Crummey
  7. James Madden
  8. Cian McBride
  9. Tomas Connolly
  10. Donal Burke
  11. Fergal Whitely
  12. Danny Sutcliffe
  13. Conal Keaney
  14. Eamon Dillon
  15. Paul Ryan


Now we are getting there… that team should win handily…

You can’t read a lot into team selections at the moment, there appears to be under priorities at play. But Winters didn’t do himself a load of favours the last day. Mind you, I didn’t think Burke did either and he gets a start.