2018 NHL1B Round 2 - Dublin v Antrim: Pearse Park, Dunloy, Sunday, Feb 4, 2pm


final score?


Ft… draw 22 each … last 10 mins seemed one way traffic according to match tracker




Got there by 1. Played better then score suggests I think


Last minute free to win it. I’m just not sure we have any plan.


a win is a win


And that’s about all it is unfortunately.

Without the Cuala lads we are really struggling.


limerick won by 17 points vs Offaly. Dublin could get a trimming from them and Galway , even though Galway seem to be finding it hard to get going this year so far, so maybe a possible win for Dublin.


Home time. Lots to think about, including phone provider😡


Safe trip home to you & everyone who travelled.

Corrigan Park not the most attractive of venues.


Good to get any win but anybody who thinks we have any chance of getting anything from the Galway or Limerick games is seriously deluded.


Apologies to post ft draw… tracker had it n now corrected …


I wouldn’t agree. That was a decent performance on a very narrow pitch. A few frees went wrong that should have made it comfortable enough.

Danny was unplayable at times, but tired. Keaney did well. Actually no one did badly. Rushe on as a forward and won us the last two vital balls.

That Antrim team only lost to Galway by 3, away, so they are ok.


That was a totally different Dublin team today in personal and attitude, I don’t think anything can be taken from last weeks game. I think we will beat Limerick.


Limerick who hammered Offaly, who hammered us? How do you come to that conclusion?


Because it will be a different team. If you add in Sutcliffe, Rushe, Keaney, Dillon, Madden, Ryan etc like we did today, it’s a very different situation.


Is it 20 points different? Trollier played the second half against Offaly btw. I’d love us to beat Limerick but I’d give us no chance of doing so at the current time, unfortunately. I think we are missing injured/Cuala lads more than they miss the Na Piarsaigh players.


Well at least we won’t be relagated now


I think it is a 20 point difference tbh. That team against Offaly weren’t of inter county standard, or at least enough of them weren’t, today was different.

It is difficult to explain, because I know the score line isn’t impressive, but I thought every player played well. I can’t think of one where their man got the better of them. Maybe the full back on Dillon, but that is about it. I think the closeness of the score was due to the narrowness of the pitch, so no player ever had space and also Ryan not being on the frees at the start or at the end ( he was subbed about 15 min from time). He was 100% for frees and I would think Burke about 60%).

But seeing Surcliffe, Keaney, Rushe and even Burke grab the ball out of the air was very encouraging. The half back line were super and I thought the full back line did well, until Antrim put a big lad in there that did some damage.


Couldn’t agree more, Danny was excellent for 50min when match fitness caught up with him. 1st game back for O’Donnell too. The physicality was much better this week. Also I can’t emphasise how poor the referee was - particularly in the 2nd half.
The short term goal is not to beat Galway or Limerick in the league but to build up to being competitive with Kilkenny/Galway and beating Wexford/Offaly in the Championship.