2018 NHL1B Round 2 - Dublin v Antrim: Pearse Park, Dunloy, Sunday, Feb 4, 2pm


Results can vary wildly at this time of year, it’s clear pat is still trying a lot of things out, lots of chopping & changing, lots of players first games in awhile today, will bring them on etc. also being the underdog can work for a team. Would expect us to give limerick a game … hopefully :thinking:


Great to get the win today, albeit after another second half fade out.


DUBLIN: Alan Nolan; Paddy Smyth, Bill O’Carroll, Eoghan O’Donnell; Shane Barrett, Chris Crummey, James Madden; Cian McBride, Tomás Connolly; Donal Burke, Fergal Whitely, Danny Sutcliffe; Conal Keaney, Eamonn Dillon, Paul Ryan. Subs: Liam Rushe for Paul Ryan (51 mins), Johnny McCafrey for Cian McBride (53 mins), Niall McMorrow for T Connolly (64 mins), Paul Winters for Eamonn Dillon (68 mins).

Dublin scorers: Paul Ryan 0-8 (6 frees), Donal Burke 0-7 (4 frees), Conal Keaney 0-2, Fergal Whitely 0-2, Cian McBride 0-2, Danny Sutcliffe 0-1, James Madden 0-1



Fair play to young Donal Burke. Held his nerve well for that final free. It was always going to be a pressure free but there was a minute or so delay as 3 Antrim lads surrounded Keaney straight in front of Burke in the hope of getting a reaction and probably a throw ball. But the lad nailed it! Thought Danny Conal and Paul Ryan put in good shifts. Shane Barrett also ran himself to a standstill. Think the Antrim come back was down to 2 things. Tiredness on our behalf and also some shocking referee calls. There was one free in particular that he gave against a Dublin defender who caught a high ball came to his feet and took two steps. Done for over carrying! :anguished: But he was shite for both teams. But a win is a win!


I have to echo what’s already been said. We played well in periods and also faded at times. Today was a big improvement on last week. Yes we should of won a lot easier but just scraped home. Fair play to young Burke for holding his nerve with scoring the winning free.

I never like to criticize referees but when the linesman in front of us starts laughing at his decision making you know there’s something wrong. Some of his decision making in the second half was very dubious.


That linesman actually helped lift the annoyance of supporters on that side of the ground! Due to the close proximity of the crowd to the pitch he was in snippets of conversation with the supporters during the game. And suggested at one stage maybe he might even do better than that himself with brought a bit of a simile to our faces.


Touch of class from Antrim :


Fair play to them also for issuing Team Sheets for free as we entered the ground. :+1:


Donal Burke is Dublin hurling’s Johnny Sexton …


He’s also Pat Gilroy’s pupil of the week!


Beating Wexford in the championship is way beyond our reach right now.

Bringing back all of the older players is papering over some serious cracks in my opinion. Our county board have a lot to answer for for where we are right now. Forget about blaming the last manager.

Can you imagine Jim Gavin recalling Keaney, Alan Brogan or Get Brennan?? If Bart was here he’d be reminding you that we have no forwards coming through bar Fergal and Donal, that hasn’t changed.

I’m depressed :confused:


Fair play, but no need to depress the rest of us…


Friendliest stewarding I have come across in ages, and free car parking. The ground was woeful but the rest was great…


Good ballad session at half time as well!


You’re usually the positive one!

What about grey, o’sullivan, the curries …


I heard a linesman tell Anthony Cunningham to shut up or he would send him to the stand. We were all wondering what stand??


Stand in bold corner!


If we had beaten Antrim by a decent score, it would have been “only Antrim” far too much negativity…Keaney, Paul Ryan etc can help bring on some of the younger players, cannot understand why people see this as a step backwards. Don’t judge this team until we see the full strength side out, which must likely won’t be until May

  • Conroy, Boland, McBride, Cronin