2018 NHL1B Round 2 - Dublin v Antrim: Pearse Park, Dunloy, Sunday, Feb 4, 2pm


Maybe I’ll be happier when the Cuala lads are back also.


In a way you are right, that the returnees are papering over the gaps left by the cuala lads, that’s the idea of bringing them back. But really only keaney is at an age where you’d doubt whether he’ll last a full game in the summer. The others are only 29/30.


Great to see Lancashire and Warwickshire competing in the NHL…
I love their County crests, according to RTE


I had my doubts about Keaney too at this age, but he answered a lot of them today.

Apart from his hurling, he ran the show. I heard Sutcliffe ask him at one stage if he should be covering back for a free or not.

Burke and Whitely would be maybe the two forwards I would worry about, but they did well today. But Burke can’t be the long term free taker.

Rushe going on as a forward was interesting. He did better there then he did at any stage last year though.


Personally I have no issue with keaney being back. The best Dublin hurler of his generation. If he’s fit then there’s no reason he can’t contribute a lot. Brick walsh was integral to Waterford last year. Same age more or less.


5 points between them from play.


Yeah, I know. I know I am wrong in worrying about Burke, I must be, everyone else sees him as a starter. Today was the first day I saw why really. He’s not that strong, but he took some big hits today and seemed to absorb them ok. I think him and Whitely are still living off loose ball a bit, but they are still only 19.

I would assume Cronin will be a starter in the half forward line, if and when he comes back.


I would have Cronin At 11 if he’s available. Not saying either of the lads are the finished article by any means but think they could both make it yet. We do need competition for places.


Where did he play? 11?


Cronin would absolutely be a starter. He will add aggression to our forwards. On a separate issue: In our two games v Antrim this year and also last week v Offaly we conceded to many silly frees. I’m not counting the bad calls by both referees today and last week. Nothing we can do about poor officials. But I’m referring to stupid fouls that get converted to easy scores and will cost us games. Today there was probably 7 or 8 that could have been avoided.


He went on as a corner forward, they took him out the field near the end when we needed to win the last puck out or so.


Absolutely, I thought the same. Some lazy pulling and dragging. Their free taker had s purple patch too and missed nothing for a while.


Second competitive game into a three year plan and our first league points of the season on a tricky pitch combined with a iffy ref,won by a team of young,inexperienced young fellas combined with a few returning injured players and a few dinosaurs from a bygone age. When everyone is available there will be genuine competition for places,something that was amiss with the last set up.


Speaking of the cuala lads. if Sean tracy is available, he could do a job in the corner? I know Cula play him in a more withdrawn role, so he doesn’t tend to run up big scores for them but he was integral to the Dublin u21s run in 2016





You’re judging us on a straight line through Offaly. Applying the same logic to Antrim puts us two points off the All-Ireland Champions. So maybe the lesson here is not to take margins of defeat or victory literally at this time of year.


That was a good team, maybe the best U21 team we ever had. AJ Murphy was another stand out off that team we haven’t seen yet. Boland and Conroy have long term injuries, McBride seems to have some niggling thing keeping him out (all three sort of limped through that U21 year, coming and going) and Barrett seems to be lost. I thought the 5 named above were the 5 best from that team and they are all out now. It is all a bit weird. But Treacy deserves a shot at senior, and should get it I would think.


Good point.

By the way you’ll always be Sweden’s number one, that Wilander ponce was an imposter.


Injury will keep him out for another while.


I was wondering what you meant by this until I watched the news last night. :slight_smile:


Shane Barrett is not one bit lost. The management of that team should be involved in some way shape or form also.

Dublin Hurling is totally disorganized. Hence my earlier point about the CB. If we were more joined up, we’d be flying along.