2018 NHL1B Round 2 - Dublin v Antrim: Pearse Park, Dunloy, Sunday, Feb 4, 2pm


That might explain it, if the guy was drifting out of the forward zone. I saw O Donnell on him afterwards.


He was, but is it a new thing for guys to call each other by their surnames only? Maybe it’s been going on for years, 15 years since I held a hurl in anger. But it sounds strange - they all seemed to be doing it.


Jasus… it may be only an observation but that sounds like a whole new level in picking holes


Surname sounds a whole lot better than Cover yer man ye stupid bollocks :grinning: Once lads are communicating that’s the main thing!


Just my observation on the post modernist, social media influenced, depersonalization of the intricate sporting based relationship configurations and interactions, like…


Well that’s cleared that up! :slight_smile: