2018 NHL1B Round 3 - Dublin v Limerick: Gaelic Grounds, Limerick, Sat 17 Feb


Likewise I am nervous. But I have hope - this is the hurlers version of the 5 goals day against Meath in the football that actually turned out to be the last Leinster defeat in 7 years…It all starts now!


A lot of decent club hurlers still being tested but they will never be county hurler,anyone who has watched underage hurling or club level will tell you that. We need to put our strongest team out and let one or 2 lads start that could be trying to make it at intercounty. Getting a little worried…Wexford and Davy seem to be trying to win every game and that breads confidence beating teams…it was pretty much the same for us under Daly. I dont think we are good enough to switch on form like other counties. I know itll annoy lads hearing it but i do think other counties have more natural hurlers than we have. It take our lads ages to get a strike off. The power in our striking is knowhere near what it is in other counties…look at Tipp for example how many brilliant strikers of the ball have they…with powerful wrists…they never seem to miss frees or penalties. Id love to see our strike rate from penalities id say its under 10 percent conversion rate in the last 10 years. Even at underage the skill levels we have compared to other counties is miles apart…last year at minor although we fluked our way to a semi final the skill difference between the 2 sides was very evident. We need our best players playing in short…cut the panel to 30 or 35 when the cuala lads come back and forget the experimenting. There are few rough diamonds to be found unfortunately.


I have highlighted here for months that Anthony Cunningham is s disaster zone during a game and in his new reincarnation he has not improved…

The lads are getting off lightly because
A) they are dubs

B) they aren’t ger cuningham

But can anyone say the standard of hurling has improved yet


I think they are getting off lightly because it is only a few games in to the thing (and yes, a little bit because they aren’t Ger Cunningham). But if the championship goes the same way, I think the pressure will be on.


And we all hope it somehow does fall into place… but the underlying problems run far deeper than either Cunningham, Gilroy rf any other manager, not excusing their apparent detachment from last night’s car crash as it evolved.


That’s fair and I agree. But who is doing the actual hurling coaching does anyone here know? Not the physical or s and c stuff the actual hurling.


I would assume Cunningham.


I think following that trimming last night we need to reset the targets for the year! Staying in 1b is the first priority! Even if we lose to Laois we still find ourselves in a play off with Antrim! I know some in here will say that’s not good enough! Well unfortunately it is! Because that’s where we find ourselves right now! With regards the championship and in light of the trimming they gave us a few weeks ago! A win v Offaly would be progress! Forget about beating any of Kilkenny Galway or Wexford! Right now that ain’t going to happen. We need to be realistic!


Cunningham being the coach is the ultimate joke, considering others had to do it in the Galway teams he managed


You’re absolutely right. It’s about levels. And that’s ours at present.

As I said above, this isn’t 2007 and it’s a total different landscape, let alone a different sport. I’m willing to give it time . But as petergriffin said above, we simply don’t have the resources to be experimenting. It’s great to see Danny and Conal back, but theyre the little dutch boy from Haarlem when it comes to our technical skills.


I agree with you about the 15 that played in relation to technical skills, but there are more options and more technical guys to come in. I also agree we don’t have the depth to experiment and win, but maybe we should experiment anyway and just handle the losses. Having said that, I write it with more confidence then I feel!

Probably a guy from a more traditional Dublin hurling wouldn’t have had to experiment so much, but also they will come with pre conceived ideas about things, that may or may not be correct.

If we get Conroy, Boland (Cian) and Kelly, along with the Cuala lads back and we are still doing shite, I would press the panic button then. For now, in the absence of any knowledge of the masterplan, I just have to assume there is one and have faith.


Absolutely. And I like to think I have faith also, though it’s been seriously tested with each showing! Certainly we can’t be worse when a few more of the absentees return. Hopefully you’re right and we are at our lowest point.

Limerick are in 1b since 2011. They’ve seriously got their house in order from there, coupled with serious underage success with 21’s and colleges. So giving Pat et al the benefit of the doubt, it looks like they’re accepting that that will be our base for development for most of their tenure. Atleast I hope that’s the reason for what could be considered, dare I say it, apathy and incompetence.

Like last night, there looked to me to be little attempt to address a failing game plan, and worse, failing personnel. Unless I’m mistaken, we still had 2/3 subs we could make before Connolly pulled up with cramp. Unless it was a phantom subs bench, there’s no excuse.


Limerick were out the gap after 20 minutes last night. Yes lads were getting beaten in 1 on 1 battles but sure what do they learn by going out for 20 minutes and then getting subbed off? I’d agree with what mgt are doing and giving players time to learn in their boots in the league rather than championship.

The league is a throw away event after the championship restructure. Add that to where Dublin are in a 3 year cycle and some sh1te results should be expected.

As posts above have pointed out there is scope to put out a much stronger starting 15. I expect that to happen against Laois, we get the win and play in the quarter final as bonus territory.


There was a lot not to understand. I wouldn’t have taken McMorrow off either, he is the one guy we have who can control a ball. I wouldn’t have put Rushe on as a corner forward. I would have crowded midfield, I would have made changes in the full back line after 10 minutes and as you say I would have made more changes.

But, the fact they weren’t done makes me think (hope!), there was an alternative agenda for the greater good.


From that list Conroy had 1 really good game in Cork and not much more, Boland had potential so will reserve judgement til I see him deliver something 3 consecutive games and Peter Kelly if or when fit is the question. We seem to lack a group of players who might not be spectacular but will contribute 2 or 3 scores a game, likes of mcgiobb and Whitley last night coukdl carry and solo all night long and hadn’t s breeze when in scoring positions ax to decision making


Conroy and Boland are three year minors and very good u21s, so if they are got right I would be confident enough about them. Kelly, I haven’t a clue where he’s at. He can hurl anyway as we saw in the SHC in Dublin, so it is up to the team to get him back right.

Burke and Whitley are very good, but too young yet for me.


I’m not knocking Conroy or Boland, just think they arecstill totally unproven and would struggle to be guaranteed starters. Hope injuries for all e clear up Asbury provide geniine options unlike too many of the players chosen to date


2018 will be a complete write off. Avoiding dropping down league and championship will be viewed as success. How Dublin hurling people have allowed what has gone on to happen is unreal. No other serious hurling county would have accepted this appointment.


People need to realise that Gilroy is looking a year or two into the future. He did not have limerick in the league on his agenda when he took over. I know it’s bad right now, and it’s going to be a bad year results wise. The board aren’t going to sack Gilroy until at least after 2019. His detractors on here need to realise that. If people don’t buy the long term plan, I can tell you for a fact he’s already spoke to players about the 2019 season. Where he wants them be fitness and skillwise etc…


I’m not a detractor, I’'m commenting on what’s happening in front of us, hurling wise, no mentioning s&c or 2019. Focusing on the fundamental hurling basics as yet absent…