2018 NHL1B Round 3 - Dublin v Limerick: Gaelic Grounds, Limerick, Sat 17 Feb


It’s way too early to reach judgement on Gilroy and his coaching / mgmt team. However what is very clear over last few weeks is the horrendous state we are in at senior county level. It is criminal that a county that has had the resources put into hurling that we have could be so inept and clueless in the basics of the game.

Looking at the league performances so far there is every chance we could get relegated. We are just about at Antrim’s and Laois’s level. That is an utter disgrace for county of our size and resources. An utter disgrace! What might happen in the championship beyond the league doesn’t bear thinking about.


I agree they are unproven. It is a case of hopeful optimism on my part. Although I think there is some basis for it.


Galway beat Offaly 2-19 to 14 …


Offaly played with 14 players for most of 2nd half plus missed penalty.


Galway are a long way off what they were this time last year and obviously hoping to peak at different level of year.


I wouldn’t mind seeing some interviews with Gilroy where he outlines where he is going with this. There are a lot of stakeholders involved, players, management, sponsors, county board etc. But the supporters are another important grouping - I wouldn’t fancy another trip across the country if winning isn’t on the agenda.

This might all be part of the process. It would be a very brave process that puts us on a level with Laois and Antrim, even if it is only for a short while. But if it is a means to an end, I would like to see him spell it out. There might not be huge numbers, but there is a very loyal group that go to games, not to mention the even more important grouping that keep the whole show on the road by looking after juvenile teams etc.


Fair play to him, When he was looking into the future did he mention that he wants them to be in 2A and playing in the Joe McDonagh cup as part of the his plan for 2019?


So helpful! So positive!


Don’t think he has any plans to relegate the team so i dont think he would have mentioned that. Are you shocked to hear that Pat is planning for the future in his current role?


He spoke to Eir Sports after the match - https://twitter.com/eirSport/status/964971643368910848


Danny and Keaney were positives from the game. Danny is nearly back, and that was some serious hit he put on their number 7. The guy spent the rest of the game trying to get him back for it.


At least there was no mention of injuries or missing players etc. He could have taken the easy way out and blamed that. Or looking at that in a negative way, maybe he doesnt think we have too many lads missing… because if we don’t and that’s the team I would worry!


It’s actually gone way backwards. I was no fan of Ger Cunningham but at least he kept us in Div. 1a for 2 years & narrowly lost to Waterford & Cork in Championship. We are a far cry from that now. I just hope it is all part of some masterplan because the early signs ain’t good. Pat & Mickey are great Dublin & GAA people so I really hope they do turn it around.


Well, I’m not going to debate the ger Cunningham years again but there was a very steep decline in year three which is why we are where we are.

Not sure what the tv coverage was like but in the flesh we were behind limerick in terms of pace, strength, skill, patterns of play, awareness on the pitch and strategy. As a friend said to me, we were worse than the pitch, but limerick were,also on the pitch and also have a hat full of missing players.

Limerick looked like a team who are on a mission to get out of this division and are a year or two down the road of a development. We looked like a team picking up the pieces from the last regime, the management look like they are giving anyone they can find a run out and to me are targeting the Laois match already. Is winning that a good idea when we meet the division 1a winners instead of Antrim as a prize? Depends on how gilroy is talking to to the players. That playoff/QF day is before the club finals so the team we saw last night is the team we have for the league.

I can’t remember if the backdoor is still in the championship or not? We have gone from all Ireland QF top six standard to first backdoor elimination. That’s not gilroy or his teams fault it is the fault of the last team and the county board. I see gilroy as the confidence and stability fixer in this team, now if the new Cunningham is any better than the old one we had better find out snappish.


Losers of the playoff play the winners of 2a to see who plays 1b next year … we should be ok :anguished::anguished:


Last years league results:

Dublin 1-08 Tipp 1-24
Dublin 2-19 Cork 1-14
Dublin 1-17 Waterford 2-19
Dublin 1-15 Clare 0-20
Dublin 1-16 Kilkenny 2-20
Relegation play off:
Dublin 0-19 Clare 3-18

Apart from Tipp we were pretty competitive. I’d hate to think how the current team would get on in Div. 1a. This year we’re getting hammered by Offaly & beating the mighty Antrim by 1 point…
Didn’t have the Cuala players last year either.


One good match against cork in that, losses to everyone else, hammered in playoff, then the Galway championship game (when the herald had the famous other 15 players thing) then hammered by tipp again.

So one win, which is exactly where we are this year. The management are putting things back together. If we are still at this level by the end of league 2019 fair enough, but any comparisons now are unfair.


I was wondering about a comparison. We do appear to have gone backwards. A bad beating off of Offaly is not a good thing. Limerick are no world beaters either. Can only hope this is part of a master plan where we go backwards before driving on again. We do seem to be trying things out and giving everyone a run, rather than necessarily picking our strong team each week.

How did the first few leagues go under gilroy in the football? Don’t think his league record was stellar?


I think we are trying everyone, he had three teams out one weekend, you see he has to stay loyal to the team that went out last summer, those who he wants to get back, the cuala contingent and find new talent.

I think we’d should just ignore past comparisons and treat it as year one and be done with it.


So your equating beating Antrim this year to beating Cork in Cork last year…good man👍🏻
And from my memory we weren’t hammered in the play off, it was a competitive game. We missed a few frees mid way through the 2nd half against the wind which would have made the game closer, Clare pulled away at the end.