2018 NHL1B Round 3 - Dublin v Limerick: Gaelic Grounds, Limerick, Sat 17 Feb


no comparison to this year and last year. beating Cork last yearand losing to Offaly by ten in 2018?


Lot of our players don’t actually carry their stick like hurlers. They’re just not natural. Cuala coming back will hardly make any difference either, outside of Marc and Paul Schutte the rest of them are unproven (Moran) or proven not up to it (Treacy).


The first 2 mentioned are the least ikely to be seen.

How much would Cuala beat that team last night by ??


Auf Englisch bitte :joy:


A worry would be are average conceded score has actually gone up from last year and apart from the Clare game we scored a goal in each game, So far this year we’ve only scored one goal in 3 games and we are playing weaker opposition.

We really need to start seeing the likes of Rushe, Trollier and a few others more consistently and if he’s playing Rushe up front then don’t stick him in the corner play him in the half forward line or at the edge of the square.


I actually think the team last night would beat Cuala. Sure Crokes only narrowly lost to Cuala in County Final, you saying the team last night wouldn’t beat Crokes.? As I’ve said before no comparison between club & county. The standard of Club Hurling is as low as it’s been for a long while.


I would say that Cuala spring 2018 are miles ahead of where they were at the time of the final.

Expertly timed prep to my eyes which gambled with not having to be full tilt at county level


They didn’t look too expertly primed against a poor Liam Mellows team. They’re going to meet the 1st decent team they’ve faced outside Dublin in the last 2 years in Na Piarsaig, which should be interesting.


Being honest always thought Limerick were ahead of us and would beat us but a little surprised how much they burned us in the first half. The Second half was a bit better but being honest Limerick were out of sight and pulling up.

All I would say is we should keep the faith, we are where we are and I predicted we wouldn’t get out of 1B. The reality of 2018 was to get everyone back in and search the county for talent who are willing to commit. I don’t think the 15 that started against Limerick will be the championship 15. No one cant say they aren’t trying lads and giving them a go.

I don’t think many genuinely believed we would beat Galway or Limerick away in the league. So in reality a win against Laois now may put us into a QF. Maybe management knows this and are doing a lot of experimentation and heavy training.


The way the league is we won’t have any of the Cuala lads back in time for relegation play off or QF’s or SF’s of league. realistically they will be back with the county panel in preparation for Championship. Again with this in mind management had to try and find some players to step up to IC level.

Wont be able to judge where we are until the league in 2019, that sounds bad but its reality.


I think we’re all hoping that is the case because we shouldn’t be getting out worked/fought, whatever about skill levels.


Would agree the first half Limerick won the match by wining every 50/50 battle, that is disappointing especially from lads trying to stake a claim



Interesting interview. I wonder how hard they are working- are they building for later in the year.

But I think we just don’t know enough about the plan to judge if this is a crisis or if it is part of a process.

Personally I can’t see a championship team that does not include the following
Dillon, Ryan, McBride, Winters, Treacy, O Callaghan, O Connell, Moran, Cronin, Hedgo (I think) and possible one or two more we haven’t seen yet (I live in hope for Kelly) and maybe Joey Boland. Along with Rushe from the start. So we might only have three or four of yesterday’s team out - that is a completely different scenario.

I assume the above named that are carrying injuries or coming back are doing so properly and will come back right. The one thing we know about this management team is that, for better or worse, they take the longer term view.

So like most people, I am nervous, but still have faith.


Shane durkin, the two schuttes as well.

We know well enough that if Dublin aren’t fielding our best team, then we struggle. Missing county champions effects us more than most as it exacerbates the losses to football. For example Would Daly have won the league in 2011 without the boden contingent? Don’t think so, we just don’t have the depth.

I thought the skeleton panel would compete better at this level to be honest, but of an eye opener how far off the pace we are.

We’re the same whenever we drop the work rate, even daly’s team in their pomp was average enough if they dropped the effort at all.

Having so many in fitzgibbon action, coupled with cualas run and gilroy trying things out ( his record in the league as football manager was mixed till 2011) and maybe we should just give him time before panicking.

With all of that going on, It’s a very tricky start to his term.


No, I’m not. Time didn’t stop at the end of the league last year, you have to also take into account the championship. The team is on the floor now. It hadn’t hit the floor this time last year but it is now and because of last year it is in such a state that it cannot be beating Offaly and barely beating Antrim.

You also have an odd way of interpreting a hammering. Apparently it isn’t when it only happens when a team pulls away? Whatever.

I’m not saying that gilroy may turn out to be totally inept or just the wrong choice, he may be. Right now it is impossible to tell. We will not be relegated, so there is the scope to find the team for the summer and more importantly for next year.


Just by comparison this is the team which beat Cork last year.

DUBLIN: Conor Dooley; James Madden, Eoghan O’Donnell, Shane Barrett; Ben Quinn, Liam Rushe, Chris Crummey; Caolán Conway, Niall McMorrow; Eoghan Conroy, Rian McBride, Eamon Dillon; Fiontán Mac Gib, Ryan O’Dwyer, Donal Burke.

Scorers for Dublin: Domhnall Burke 0-8 (4fs, 165), Eoghan Conroy 1-2, Ryan O’Dwyer 1-1, Rian McBride 0-2 each, Chris Crummey, Eamon Dillon, Chris Bennett, Caolán Conway, Cian O’Sullivan, Fiontán Mac Gib 0-1 each.

Compared to on saturday:

DUBLIN: A Nolan; P Smyth, B O’Carroll, E O’Donnell (0-1); S Barrett, C Crummey, T Connolly; C McBride (0-1), N McMorrow; F McGibb (0-1), F Whitely (0-1), D Sutcliffe (0-4); C Keaney (0-3), C Boland (0-1), D Burke (0-5 all frees).

Subs: D Kelly for O’Carroll (h/t), R Ó hAodha for McMorrow (h/t), L Rushe for Boland (h/t), J Madden for Connolly (69).


You’re on the wrong site here Pal, everyone on here knows that wrists (or whrishts in the vernacular) dont matter in hurling and are only a culchie myth that helps to keep dublin hurling down


Did the u17s fluke their way to the all ireland final as well?


The off the ball interview confirms what a lot of people suspected late last year, that there would be a huge physical element to the preparations for this year. Results and intensity levels that we saw on Saturday should be expected given the givens.


Since 2010:
KK - 5 wins, 1 losing final
Dub - 3 wins, 4 losing finals
Wx - 2 losing finals
Laois - 1 losing final

Wx - 3 wins, 3 losing finals
Dub - 3 wins, 1 losing final
KK - 2 wins, 2 losing finals
Laois/Ofaly - 1 losing final each

I don’t think those results are telling a story of poor basic skills across young players

Add in Cuala destruction of teams like Dicksboro, Ballyea etc and the story seems to me to be more complicated

We still are figuring out how to get a wide range of outstanding players from a wide range of clubs (although making progress on that - especially considering departures to football)
That will take even more time than the juvenile improvements

And the screw ups at senior level have set us back - from 5/6th in the country (maybe 3rd/4th for a year or two) back to 9th/10th again

But I don’t think you can just dismiss the juvenile foundations. The minors didn’t win Leinster not being able to pick a ball on the run. If those skills are being lost/ not being upgraded you have to ask questions about the setup bringing them from 18 to 24