2018 NHL1B Round 3 - Dublin v Limerick: Gaelic Grounds, Limerick, Sat 17 Feb


The guy commentating is a gobsh1te! Has just informed everyone that Limerick are missing 10 players from NaP who he tells us are in club final. Really? And who might they be playing etc etc. Nope he didn’t consider that relevant!


Worst recording of the anthem ever.


Limerick by far the better team to date, but we’ve got a few great scores from play and are still well in this


Mixture of good, bad and mad so far!


Limerick far superior in every aspect of the game. Bill O’Carroll some flute…no business at this level. Who’s on Byrnes no. 5 for Limerick? He’s after clearing about 15 balls!


Good points from Whitely and Sutcliffe. Staying in touch. O Carroll off for blood


Lumpy heavy pitch. Lot of fumbling getting the ball up


This is way too easy for Limerick. Similar to Offaly game scores coming way too easy. We’re way too slow, too loose and touch not good enough.


based on the record of GAA players for hip injuries etc and the kinds of things they say when they are retiring I don’t think there’s an ‘overload expert’ in the country!!
Seriously though I’m baffled as to what sports science could possible support the kind of training and playing schedule that some of these lads have
I’d like to see the resesarch that supports that


We’re lucky it’s bad pitch because Limerick would rip us a new one on a dry flat pitch.


Total mess at the back. O’Carroll nowhere near level required. Smyth too. Short puck outs???

Pitch is shocking.

We could lose this by twenty if something doesn’t change.


you on modbro? Eir sport 1 is there


Getting bad very quickly now. First touch again is poor.


Yeh found it cheers.


Looks like curtains.

O Carroll must have got a belt off the ball? Looks like his race is run.


Some nice individual displays from Dublin but some very poor ones. Limerick full back line winning a lot of ball, Limerick fluid as a team. Dublin aren’t. Dublin full back line a shambles.

I’d say that penalty is the end of it.


Jaysus we are brutal, ball not sticking in there half at all, can’t win clean ball, can’t win breaking ball. Which means all the play is in our half and our full back line being torn to shreds.


Game seems to be over already

We just need to make sure it doesn’t turn into a hiding.


Think we’re going to get ripped a new one as you suggest. Would reckon this is heading for 20+ point defeat if Limerick are bothered.

We are all over the shop defensively. Clueless would be an apt description

Maybe we need more early morning trading sessions. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Who is playing well? Genuinely? Can’t see anyone. Heads are down.

I just heard Barret’s name mentioned for the first time after 27 minutes.