2018 NHL1B Round 3 - Dublin v Limerick: Gaelic Grounds, Limerick, Sat 17 Feb


Need to nip that short puck out in the bud. And O’Donnell has been very clumsy and exposed too often. Lots of errors, but Limerick seemed to gain confidence from our errors inside our 45 line. We were going fairly well for the first 1/4 really


Would have said Danny until last 2 wides!


About the only one :pensive:


Whitely, McGib, Burke, Sutcliffe when they were getting ball were using it well.

1-7 is a complete mess, wonder who our defensive coach is… Mickey Whelan? :thinking:


Sutcliffe and Keaney not so bad. Defence under pressure everywhere. Nolan doing good. Otherwise all rattled.


Seriously what’s Keaney done? Their half back line must be wrecked they’re clearing so much ball.


How are you including Nolan in that? Hasn’t done a a whole lot wrong to be fair.


I’d love to agree with you as most of the time I’d prefer to see us go long. But when we do it’s a horror show. There’s simply no one there to catch a ball. We can’t even win a breaking/second ball. Not having a go, but what else can we do?


Connolly poor, McMorrow anonymous, 1st touch is terrible all over the pitch, Danny and Crummey doing ok, that’s as positive as it gets…


We are out of our league. Wrong players picked and in wrong positions. 2 big but immobile lads in full forward line. Two small fast lads who won’t win a high ball in the half forward line. Our own puckouts are going over our half forwards and Limerick winning every one. Not one block from us. One hook. You can nearly smell the fear and lack of confidence from most of our team bar Keaney, Crummey and Sutcliffe. It’s awful to watch. If you cannot win the ball from 8 to 15, it’s curtains.


And we have nobody on the sideline that can read a game of hurling…or if we have, he is saying ■■■■ all. No change in 10 to 12???


There’s no analysing that first half as the team has been beaten in every department. Touch shouldn’t be so poor in round three.


Keaney got 4-5 possessions. Whitely got a few, a bit slow in getting it away. McMorrow and MCGibb can’t get their hands on it. Half-forwards and midfield except Sutcliffe losing all the possession battles. Full back line looks slow, even O Donnell struggling. Connolly not too bad. Barrett being run ragged. Crummy not in it. Strange that Rushe, McCaffrey etc not in to steady the ship. Cian Boland got a lovely point at the start, but anonymous since. Donal Burke - one possession got a free. Took 3 frees well but horsed out of it about 10 times. All a bit depressing


I don’t think the Cuala players coming back fixes this. Outside of Danny coming back there’s not a single positive since Gilroy took charge.

Don’t know what sort of training we’re doing but we’re way off the pace of the game in both pace and speed of thought. And that’s before you get on to skills and touch. Was same v Offaly. Gas to think that Offaly thought they had turned a corner when they hammered us. Turns out we’re just a sh1te hurling team.


This doesn’t sound good. Maybe I’ll cancel the recording as it sounds very poor. Are Limerick missing many?


We’re playing like he a team of individuals


He conceded another penalty, fair enough his full back threw him under the bus, but he didn’t have to pull the man down, it’s not like Nolan would fancy himself to stop penos. He got into a mix up with O’Donnell and was lucky it didnt cost a goal. His short puck outs are poor. Other than that he’s doing well.

Our sideline are like some gobshite who stepped into a boxing ring from the street thinking he could figure out how to fight while he’s being punched into oblivion


And our sideline thinks throwing on a couple of novices at half time is the way to go
Personally I think we should send Gilroy down to Vincent’s under 12s for couple of years to learn about hurling might be a help


Limerick are missing 10 players from NaP


What in the name of God is Rushe doing at corner forward?