2018 NHL1B Round 3 - Dublin v Limerick: Gaelic Grounds, Limerick, Sat 17 Feb


No rhyme, reason or coherence to the play. Absolutely baffling stuff to watch.


You’d have to wonder / worry about the thought process to make that decision

This is going to get uglier


Completely physically out done apart from maybe Keaney and Danny.


We should try something novel like marking the lads in green jerseys! And if we manage that take it to the next level and have a go at tackling / blocking and if we go really adventurous a couple of hooks!


All I’ve heard about since Gilroy took over is tough early morning sessions and hard work. Horsed out of it and easily out worked again. Depressing stuff.


As I said, 10 points in 50 mins of hurling isn’t good enough

The only thing you might win is a camoige game


This is embarrassing


Hegarty just embarrassed Connolly there with a man against boy dispossession. Destroyed all over the park. Embarrassing performance really. Lots of work to do with this team. Lots


Bit of reality therapy going on here. Only players showing are the experienced ones. Rushe up front is crazy. Really worrying thing is that not one of the younger players is showing.

O Donnell in defence is not back. Can’t see our HBLine. Midfield anonymous. Danny and Conal doing their best but no support.



O Donnell not “bad”


Really starting to fear what’s going to happen v Galway next week.


Can we not just call in sick :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Rushe getting long balls sent in and being embarrassed. Falling and losing his hurl. Not fair on the lad


Rushe at corner forward while Paul Ryan sits on the bench… could he have gone in centre back and moved Barrett or Crummy to wing back…Connolly. O’Carroll and Smyth trying but don’t look up to the level but in fairness only Danny and Keaney came away with anything from play


The Tipp Wexford match is like a different sport compared to this disaster.


I wish I didnt


There’s a big gap between club and county hurling. The experienced players even seem fitter - even Keaney the oulfella. Sometimes they build such fitness and strength over years of high level training and playing.

Difficult to find positives here except the experienced players. Really hate this idea of putting Rushe up front - reminds me of under-age stuff when your best player is centre back, and then you try push him up front… Did he get the ball in his hand?

Cian O Callaghan full back will help. Paul Schutte corner back too. Rushe back to CHB. Crummy plus ? on wings. Midfield?? Up front Danny, Keaney, and maybe Mark Schutte, Cronin +?? all established names and a very thin.

Maybe just maybe the slowness and sloppiness is indicative of huge training efforts by some of the new guys?


You could make big money on this team … it would ease the pain …


Midfield is a huge problem. O Connell class at club level but IC is a different gulf as you’ve said. Not sure we’ll see the best of either Schutte. Paul due to injuries and Mark hasn’t thrown his lot in yet. Moran is a shoo in for HB somewhere. And Dillon in to the forwards there also.

Still we look third world. Way way way too off the standard tonight to know where to start. So much talk about the physical training were doin. I didn’t see any evidence of it being worthwhile.

The league is gone for now so we may train 7 days a week until May for all the good it’s doing us!


It will take the guts of a year before the work he’s doing will become evident. It’s a rebuilding process and 20 minutes into the game tonight, you could just see Limerick grow in superiority more and more.